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Report: Paul Konerko returning next year

Ken Rosenthal is reporting Konerko is returning for a one year deal.

Jonathan Daniel

With the busy hot stove day yesterday, the White Sox are getting in the news finally.

While many suspected that Paul Konerko might not return after a .244/.313/.355 2013 season, Rosenthal reports that Konerko is going to sign a one year deal and accept a reduced role on the team.  Despite Rick Hahn's statements at the Abreu press conference that the Sox were looking long-term, the return of Paul Konerko was guaranteed if he wanted to return.

With Jose Abreu and Adam Dunn also slated for the first base / DH spot, this could limit the options for the White Sox's bench next season.  This obviously potentially effects the Sox ability to carry 12 pitchers, or to keep Marcus Semien, Leury Garcia, and Conor Gillaspie on the roster next season.  This could also point to the departure of other players that seem more valuable to the Sox than Paul Konerko was last year.

Update: there's a dollar amount now.

Update: more on the deferred bits.