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Questions White Sox beat writers ask

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That's really your question.
That's really your question.
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The beat writers already look to be in mid-season form. After apparently taking a field trip together to Rangers camp to visit A.J. Pierzynski, they opened their White Sox camp by asking Chris Sale about the "Veducci Effect." You know, the ridiculous, annual ritual SI writer Tom Verducci goes through each year despite his "effect" being repeatedly discredited as utter bullshit with no basis in fact.

Since it looks like they've already run out of serious things to ask, here are some other questions our friends in the media should ask White Sox players and coaches:

  • Chris Sale, your slider defies the laws of physics - doesn't it scare you to work with evil forces?
  • Don Cooper, at SoxFest, Rick Hahn said that the White Sox need an elite pitching staff to compete given the hitter-friendly U.S. Cellular Field. It looks like you have quite a few arms to choose from - which will you be ritualistically slaughtering to appease the bullpen gods?
  • Alexei Ramirez, you had your worst offensive season in 2012. This is a three-part question: have you considered that your bats were sick and have you asked Jobu to come and take the fear from your bats and, if you haven't asked, why not?
  • Alex Rios, you looked much comfortable, much more sure-handed in right field last season. Talk about whether you attribute this to anything in particular, like peeing on your hands.
  • Jake Peavy, from following your Twitter account, it looks like you were quite successful hunting this offseason. Which animal or animals do you prefer to consume whole in order to gain their powers?
Feel free to include your suggestions below.