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White Sox big spenders under Marco Paddy

Spend $2,360,000 across seven major signings in Paddy's first full year

David Banks

Well, big spenders compared to their past history. They're no match for the Rays.

Baseball America compiled the notable bonuses the White Sox handed out in 2012:

OF Hanleth Otano, Dominican Republic, $550,000.

3B Luis Castillo, Dominican Republic, $450,000

SS Johan Cruz, Dominican Republic, $450,000

OF Antonio Rodriguez, Dominican Republic, $400,000

RHP Victor Done, Dominican Republic, $225,000

RHP Yelmison Peralta, Dominican Republic, $200,000

OF Roger Ramos, Dominican Republic, $85,000

Total: $2,360,000

It should be noted that Rodriguez signed prior to July 2, 2012, and therefore his signing bonus does not count towards the $2.9 million cap imposed by the new Collective Bargaining Agreement for July 2,2012-July 1, 2013 spending.

This increased spending is consistent with what I wrote about earlier this week. Hopefully the addition of the three scouts the White Sox recently hired for territories outside of the Dominican Republic will result in a bit more diversity in the locations of signees.

Rodriguez caused some buzz during the fall instructional league and it's possible he may make his stateside debut for Bristol this year, which is a somewhat aggressive assignment for an 18 year old Dominican. Peralta and Ramos both played for the White Sox' Dominican affiliate in 2012. The other players will almost certainly all begin their White Sox careers with the DSL White Sox in 2013.

$2.360,000 does not represent the entire amount spent by the club, as there were a number of other signings with small bonuses. Further subtracting the Rodriguez signing, the White Sox still have significant dollars yet to spend during the current signing period.