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Nothing new with A.J. Pierzynski but the uniform

Will the focus shift elsewhere now that the former White Sox catcher faced his old teammates?

I don't think this is nearly as strange as Mark Buehrle in Miami.
I don't think this is nearly as strange as Mark Buehrle in Miami.
Rob Tringali

Hey, did you know the White Sox would get to see A.J. Pierzynski today? The media sure did:


For the first few innings, we got pictures of Pierzynski catching a warm-up pitch. And looking at the ground. And talking to Gordon Beckham. And standing in the box. And fouling off a pitch.

I understand, at least partially, why Pierzynski has received such thorough coverage. For all I know, White Sox fans were begging for status updates about their ex, and the beat writers served a purpose by doing recon. But if you don't particularly care what A.J. is up to at this point, it's pretty tiresome -- though not as bad as Chicago papers sending writers to Florida to cover Ozzie Guillen.

As was the case with Guillen, it will be worthwhile to check in on Pierzynski later down the road, because there are unresolved questions. Can he continue last season's power outburst? Can he get along in an unfamiliar clubhouse? Will a new team's fan base overlook his flaws?

If Tuesday's game was any indication, he still seems to be the same old player. He hit a deep flyout to right in his first at-bat, then dropped a single to center in his second. He also allowed a run with a passed ball, and then there's this:

But unless there are some well-publicized confrontations, we're not going to know anything for a few months. The well is dry, so are the eyes, and nobody knows it better than Pierzynski:

"It’s just another game," Pierzynski said after going 1-for-2 with a single. "I’ve said all I need to say about the White Sox. I talked to people I need to talk to over there. That’s it. I’m happy it’s over and people can quit asking me about it. But other than that, it’s done. There’s nothing else to say. It was a great run we had, but it’s over and done. Everyone knows how I feel about the people there and the fans. It’s over."