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White Sox announce new food items at U.S. Cellular Field for 2013

A burger with hot dog toppings and taco ingredients in a Fritos bag. Oh, and classier items, too.

Earlier in the offseason, the White Sox unveiled a pretty significant reduction in ticket prices across most sections in order to boost attendance.

On Wednesday, they rolled out a pretty sneaky backup plan for filling U.S. Cellular Field -- if the more affordable seats fail to entice fans to show up, the Sox will just fatten up the ones that do.

The Sox announced 12 new menu items -- six for the 100 and 500 levels, and six for the Club Level, Stadium Club and Diamond Suites.

100 and 500 levels

Comiskey Burger: Picture and description above. It's a burger in hot-dog camo.

Meatball sandwich: Picture and description above.

New beer offerings: Picture and description above, but this works better in text:

  • Section 112: MillerCoors craft beers Henry Weinhards, Batch 19, Third Shift and Blue Moon Agave Blonde Ale.
  • Bullpen Sports Bar: Third Shift, Redd's Apple Ale and Blue Moon Agave Blonde Ale.
  • Sections 155, 141, 109 and 530: Ebel's Weiss (Two Brothers) and Leinenkugel's Canoe Peddler at the Midwest Brews stands.

Apple juice and 2% milk (Sections 130 and 529): For those whose birthdates don't allow access to the MillerCoors website.

Bull's BBQ (Sections 151 and 531): Picture and description above. In one of two nods to 1983, the Sox will peddle Greg Luzinski's pulled pork at two stations. This isn't exclusive to the Cell, because Bull's BBQ is also available at Citizens Bank Park.

Walking Taco (Sections 110, 164 and 544): This was the item I want to see most, because it sounds like it's straight out of a Stefon bit. As far as I can tell, the vendor isn't stationed between two Human Parking Cones. It's a bag of Fritos, chili, stadium nacho cheese and a fork. Seems like it would be more enjoyable without a fork, and with a chinstrap.

Club Level / Stadium Club / Diamond Suites:

Tuna, Chicken and Egg Salad Sandwich Trio: Picture and description above (Diamond Suites).

Eleven City Diner Bloody Mary: Picture and description above.

Pepper-Glazed Goat Cheese Spread: Savory warm, sweet-spicy goat cheese dip, served with pita chips and toasted baguette slices (Diamond Suites and Stadium Club).

South Side Double Steakburger: Two one-third-pound custom-blend steakburgers with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and secret sauce on a brioche bun (Club Level)

Rip and Dip: Delicious four cheese garlic bread served with marinara and ranch dipping sauces (Club Level and Stadium Club)

Winning Ugly Grand Slam: The other nod to '83. Italian beef, Italian sausage patty, pork chop and bacon covered with giardiniera, sautéed onions and peppers on eight-inch muffalatta bread. (It's usually spelled "muffaletta," but since it's an '83 sandwich, I assume it's a tribute to Ron Kittle's outfield play. Man, they thought of everything.)