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Sunday Links are swiping second

Tips on stealing second, a ridiculous MLB lawsuit, international draft outrage, and some other baseball- and Sox-related tidbits from this past week round out this edition of Links.

I'm the first guy you'll see.
I'm the first guy you'll see.

I know what you're thinking: Jim must have stepped away from his desk for a minute, and who does he think he is? Well, the quality analysis might be absent for a day (or at least a few hours, until larry and colin wake up), but fortunately we have a whole internet to entertain us for a morning. Here are the best articles from my searches and wanderings. Let's cut to the chase.

From Grantland, Jonah Keri talks to Pete Rose and Willie Wilson about stealing bases, then breaks down video in an in-depth interview with Coco Crisp. Along the lines of the ol SB, Jeff Sullivan provides evidence in the form of .gifs to show us the real difficulty of throwing out Mike Trout.

Via Baseball Musings, a legal analysis of the recent lawsuit filed by Major League Baseball against Biogenesis, an anti-aging clinic accused of supplying ballplayers with performance enhancing substances. As you will read, MLB has almost no standing, but it does raise some interesting questions. Craig Calcaterra writes it up, too, and includes the complaint itself. It's worth reading the comments in these links, and i'm also hoping larry will give us some insight, too.

Have some White Sox links (lordy can Opening Day be here yet?):

  • Continuing from Baseball Musings, according to the Lineup Analysis Tool, the Sox have the batting order just about right when it comes to producing runs.
  • Roger Bossard readies the field in tough conditions, has no idea how WAR works.
  • From mechanical turk: The Sox acquire shorty second baseman/corner outfielder Cody Puckett. ruffster shared a prospect analysis from two years ago. It doesn't bode well that he's still in AAA.
  • Dislike the Sox new ad campaign? You, too, can make an impact (at least when it comes to determining the outcome in a commercial). Buh.
  • Jerry Reinsdorf loved the new Jackie Robinson movie '42', due in theaters April 12.
  • From Flip Flop Fly Ball, that baseball visual-awesomeness site: only Konerko remains (this may have been shared before [probably]).

Okay, on to some business of baseball. Over at Southside Showdown, James delves into what an international draft might mean for the White Sox. He links to this New York Times article, which, if I'm reading this correctly, basically demonstrates what would happen to amateur talent in rest of the world, as shown by trends in Puerto Rico. As many of you probably know, MLB would like to institute an international draft, which would basically pool all amateur players together instead of the current system that uses other professional leagues and Latin American camps run by individual MLB teams. Per last years CBA, MLB must submit notice of the new draft rules to the MLBPA, which can veto the new drafting procedures. The due date for an agreement is June 1. Lotta ins, lotta outs. As you've probably read/figured out by now, it's no-good, very-bad news in terms of cultivating talent in baseball. This topic won't be going away for a while.

Alright, just a few more general baseball bullets:

One more week, folks. We can do it.