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Jared Mitchell demoted to Birmingham, Brent Morel to disabled list

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Blake Tekotte activated


It seems that every year we hear that this is the one that 2008 first round pick Jared Mitchell will put it all together. Well, if it is this year, he'll have to start the process with Birmingham.

The White Sox demoted Jared Mitchell to Double-A. Mitchell began the year as Charlotte's leadoff hitter but was dropped to neat the bottom of the lineup in the last week. That didn't seem to help and he sports a .132/.277/.170 triple slash in 65 plate appearances.

Replacing Mitchell on the Knights is Blake Tekotte, who began the season in extended spring training with an injury. To make room for Mitchell on the Barons, the White Sox put Nestor Molina on the disabled list with a shoulder injury.

In other Charlotte news, Brent Morel is now on the disabled list with an unknown injury that he got during an at-bat on Monday. Josh Bell was activated off the disabled list to replace him.

Whatever status Mitchell and Morel still had in the organization took big hits from these moves. Mitchell is 24 years old and, coupled with his performance in 141 plate appearances at the end of last season, now has a career line in Triple-A of .201/.312/.305 with strikeouts in 80 of his 206 total plate appearances (39%).

Whether the injury to Morel is to his back or another part of his body, he's getting the tag of injury-prone. While he had performed decently so far for the Knights - .231/.354/.410 - decent isn't what you expect from a 26 year-old with his experience.