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Highlights from Hawk Harrelson's appearance on "MLB Now"

In case you missed Hawk on MLB network, we quote and discuss his take on modern statistical analysis here.

Hawks 1968 season extrapolated to 2000 Colorado- .348 average 49 HR, 187 RBI
Hawks 1968 season extrapolated to 2000 Colorado- .348 average 49 HR, 187 RBI
murphman61 on flickr

There was more to it, but I am a terribly slow typist/note taker.

In his highly anticipated debate with Brian Kenny on "MLB Now" this afternoon, Hawk Harrelson started out with his old arguments everyone is familiar with against Moneyball.

Brian Kenny: Did you read the book, Hawk?

Hawk Harrelson: No, I didn't.

And it only got better from there.


The Will To Win, the one thing statistics can't incorporate so therefore they are completely worthless.

That was pretty much the stance taken by our lovable old codger of a broadcaster. He went completely off the rails. It was exactly like watching a car crash. Some quotes:

BK: Don't you want to know what the percentages are (regarding late inning bunts resulting in runs)?

HH: NO! (adamantly)

HH: "The more numbers you bring into it, the more instinct you take out."

HH: "The performance is W, and you do that with pitching and defense."

Hawk almost got confrontational and manly when he felt his ideals were under attack:

"Did you box, Brian? I did a lot of fighting in the street and in the ring." OK, settle down, tough guy.

Anyway, his larger point was that TWTW transcends all sport.

To appease Hawk, Kenny tried to show Hawk that he would have been a beast in Colorado as opposed to playing in the dead ball era (see photo caption)

BK: All sabermetrics is is putting things in proper context.

HH: LEADERSHIP! Where do you put a number on that?

HH: You just said they made advances (regarding defensive metrics) and I have no doubt they will continue to but it's not ready yet.

And lastly, on tonight's game(paraphrased):

Joe Maddon is one of the greatest managers today and it's got nothing to do with sabermetrics.