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Terrerobytes: Settling down after TWTW, and other White Sox news

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Rick Hahn and Paul Konerko weigh in with reasonable responses, Adam Dunn is starting to pull his weight, and more

David Banks

After the buzz/furor from Hawk Harrelson's appearance/guerrilla marketing campaign on "MLB Now" began to die down, it was time for the other White Sox go-to guys to cover all bases, such as Rick Hahn:

"First off, I think this whole thing is extremely entertaining," Hahn said. "But look, Hawk is great and just as people who may approach the game from a more objective standpoint want to have their voices heard and their opinions respected, I think given a man who has accomplished what he has in the game over seven different decades, he deserves the same respect and the opportunity to air his opinions.[...]

"You'll be happy to know that we've run the numbers and we rank extraordinarily high on the TWTW metric right now," a smiling Hahn said. "As you know, it has proven over the years to be a harbinger of good things to come."

Scot Gregor asked Paul Konerko his thoughts, and Konerko gave the matter his usual amount of consideration:

"You can't just always go by, 'Well, this situation here, it should be a bunt.' Maybe (the manager) knows at that given moment, the guy isn't bunting well. There is some human element to it and I think that's all Hawk was trying to say.

"But I see the other side, too. Information's always good. There are a lot of repetitions out there, a lot of patterns. You'd be stupid not to look at some of them."

Konerko is familiar with such information. Earlier this month, he talked to's Christina Kahrl about, essentially, how he was able to improve his BABIP. It's an outstanding example of using sabermetrics to ask better questions. Instead of merely concluding, "His stats improved because his BABIP improved," she asks Konerko how and why he may have changed his approach in a way that made his contact so much more successful. Konerko is up for talking about it, and it's a recommended read if you haven't already.


Moving on from the Hawk debate, here are a bunch of other things to talk about:

Nothing new on the Adam Dunn front except the results. He enjoyed his first multi-hit game since April 3 on Friday, including a key RBI single, and has now reached base six times over the last three games. Robin Ventura says he's swinging the bat better, so he won't be moving from the middle of the order anytime soon.

With Sprint's purchase of U.S. Cellular expected to close at some point over the next several weeks, the White Sox reiterated that the name of U.S. Cellular Field won't be changing with the rest of the switchover.

Now that Ozzie Guillen is out of the way, Jeffrey Loria is back to hiring rookie managers so he can interfere with their decision-making. Mike Redmond couldn't win.

Toronto is basically purgatory for fringe players this year, because they basically claim every player without necessarily having a spot for him (see their claim and return of Lars Anderson). Sometimes they suit up, sometimes they don't, and if you're a guy like Casper Wells, it keeps you from playing anywhere for a month.

Alex Anthopoulos' hyperactivity is causing some people to rethink the system, although it may not need any changes. It's complicated even for the players -- some guys are thrilled to be getting big-league consideration, whereas guys like Wells and Alex Burnett (last link) have no idea what to do with their personal matters while the Jays sort their own business out.

Anibal Sanchez set a Detroit Tigers record by recording 17 strikeouts over his eight innings in the Tigers' 10-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves, which is a pretty big deal.