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White Sox Minor League Update is back

Our sixth season, Rick Hahn's first

Jonathan Daniel

Games start tonight. For the uninitiated, this is the place to discuss the White Sox minor leagues. I'll post the results and the performance of notable players in every minor league game. I'll also post salient news. Feel free to add your own thoughts or point out interesting White Sox-related content you come across.

For everyone, our (now not so) new tools at SSS means we will no longer be relegated to the Right Rail. The Update will be in the layout on the front page, now just relegated to the bottom right corner spot. In the past, I've posted a new Update every two weeks, as that seemed to be about the time that the comments got too numerous and difficult to navigate. We'll see if that's still the right schedule or if more frequent posts are needed.

All SSS minor league content can always be found at our "subsite":

If you haven't been paying attention and want to get up to speed quickly, here are my previews for each of the affiliates:

And my top ten prospects list: