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Right on Q: The "Show" that never ends

How a silly fight song leads to a larger discussion of White Sox attendance

Gordon Beckham seems to have found his stroke.  Will he keep it?
Gordon Beckham seems to have found his stroke. Will he keep it?

Maybe it's Stockholm Syndrome. Maybe my heart grew three sizes one day. Maybe I was worn down by the constant repetition.

But I'm starting to come around on "Welcome to the Show."

Yes, there are baseball things to discuss. And I will discuss them. But "Welcome to the Show" has been universally panned since it made its debut on Monday. Let's go to the video...

Oh, wait, wrong video. "Welcome to the Show" can be found here.

There is a much larger issue at play. The White Sox did an extensive fan marketing survey at the end of last season to address the fact that attendance dropped under 2 million for the first time since 2004. The Sox are all about improving the ballpark "experience" in 2013, so "Welcome to the Show" is more than just a butt-rock anthem. It is supposed to get you pumped for the U.S. Cellular Field experience.

I went to Thursday's game against Kansas City. I arrived early enough to see the video again. It ran 30 minutes before the first pitch. This time, public address announcer Tom Shaer did a five-minute countdown. I felt like I was at Epcot.

"Ladies and Gentlemen....'Captain EO' will start in three minutes...."

The song is also played in between pre-game announcements. This means if you arrive early for batting practice, you will hear "Welcome to the Show" over and over and over again.

The constant repetition caused me to have a change of heart. I kind of like it. For starters, the song and the accompanying video are so unbelievably stupid that you cannot help but to like it. Its ridiculousness is its charm.

On the other hand, I'm not a fan of the new "Make an Impact" intro video. The Morgan Freeman sound-alike who narrates the video is difficult to understand (something, something, strength and selflessness). I also enjoyed the old intro video:

Baseball games are kind of like church. I have a hard time accepting a change in the routine. I still say "and also with you."

Besides, "Pirates of the Carribean" sound much better going into "Thunderstruck."

I like the "Show." But it needs some tweaking.

Now, on to baseball. Any discussion of player performance during the first week of the regular season should be prefaced with this song:

That being said, it is sure nice to see Gordon Beckham using the right side of the field. Three of his four hits on Thursday were of the opposite field variety. It's also good to see the line drives return. Maybe the invisible piano bench batting stance is working. It is also nice to get through one week of baseball without saying "What the hell is wrong with Gordon Beckham?"

Tyler Flowers has also been fun to watch. He needed to get off to a hot start to erase the shadow of A.J. Pierzynski. So far, he's doing what he has to do.

The White Sox finished the first series 2-1. That's pretty rare, by White Sox standards. The Sox have only managed that twice in the 21st Century: 2011 (yuck!) and 2005 (yay!).