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Rehab updates: Gordon Beckham rolling; possible delay for John Danks

All stints with the Charlotte Knights are not equal, as a weekend in Buffalo shows

Erica Caldwell / Charlotte Knights

If I were less scrupulous, I could monger the hell out of some fear by only posting this clip from Gordon Beckham's second rehab game Sunday with no context whatsoever:


Or I could provide a dangerous amount of context, and say that Beckham was exercising his surgically repaired left hand after a foul ball. I could use the term "showed discomfort," and create another GIF after his next swing showing said discomfort:


I could end this post right here and send this site into a small panic! But that would not be right, because after those two potentially troubling foul balls, Beckham did this:


Beckham went that direction in his first three at-bats -- that one was good for a double, and the adjacent at-bats resulted in singles. He went 3-for-5, and has five hits in nine at-bats on his rehab stint so far. He also made his first start at second and factored into a couple double plays, starting one and turning another.

Temporary grimace aside, it seems to be all systems go for Beckham right now. At least you now have an idea what it was like watching it happen real-time.


With fellow rehabber John Danks, it's a little murkier.

It looked like Danks would be on track to return to Chicago for the Miami series before he struggled through 4⅔ innings against Buffalo on Saturday. Now it's not quite as clear-cut, and the Sox are going to talk it out upon returning to U.S. Cellular Field today.

Robin Ventura's opinion on the matter to date:

"I haven't got a hold of him to talk, but the reports are good," Ventura said Sunday. "There hasn't been a physical setback as of right now, so you've got to keep moving it forward."

Ventura didn't rule out the possibility that Danks might make one more rehab start.

"I'm not dismissing it at all," Ventura said of Danks, who underwent left shoulder surgery Aug. 6. "Looking at it, I don't want to make a decision on these guys before you get to the point where you need to make a decision on what's best."