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Gavin Floyd's 2013 season is officially over

The right-handed starter will have season-ending surgery tomorrow.

My favorite Gavin Floyd picture on here by far.
My favorite Gavin Floyd picture on here by far.
Thearon W. Henderson

And just like that, Gavin Floyd's career with the White Sox has likely come to an end. The team sent out a press release informing everyone that the 30-year-old will be undergoing surgery to repair the ulnar collateral ligament and torn flexor muscle in his pitching elbow. The expected recovery time is 14 months on the lower end, so yeah, he's not going to be wearing the silver and black again any time soon, if ever.

Which is a pretty big bummer. The team needed everything to go right this year to compete and that just does not seem to be happening. Despite all the complaining about his inconsistent nature and inability to capitalize on his former 4th overall pick potential, Gavin managed to be worth 17.0 bWAR for the White Sox while only costing the team $25.4MM. That's a pretty good return on investment since the Phillies gave him and Gio Gonzalez up for 58 innings of Freddy Garcia.

Best of luck recovering, Gavin. I hope the surgery goes perfectly well.