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2013 MLB Draft: White Sox draft pick status update

First-round pick suggests he'll sign by Wednesday, and others falling in line

Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson

Sources say the White Sox draft dominoes will begin to fall in earnest starting Wednesday. The sources seem pretty credible -- in most cases, they're the draft picks' own Twitter accounts.

As the Sox prepare to dole out their draft pool money, here are the most recent developments pertaining to their most prominent picks. If you missed what these guys are all about, you can catch up on coverage here.

First round: Tim Anderson

White Sox first-round draft picks usually throw out the ceremonial first pitch after signing their contracts, so it looks like there will be some Tim Anderson news in the next two days:


Second round: Tyler Danish

It looks like the White Sox's first two picks will take their draft order and apply it to their signing order.

Hopefully he finds the right state, as the Bristol Sox play in Virginia.

During the day on Monday, I saw a lot of visitors coming in through Twitter. Turns out this was the source:

That's probably more of a comment on Neshek's unique delivery, rather than his draftability. Neshek wasn't a slouch himself, as the Twins selected him in the sixth round back in 2002.


Third round: Jacob May

Also on the move:


Fourth round: Andrew Mitchell

No Twitter here, but via old-fashioned reporting, signs point to yes.

"I’m probably honestly leaning towards starting my career," he said. "Whenever you get an opportunity it’s hard to pass up with injuries and stuff you can’t really control."

He said he’ll make the decision after consulting with his family and looking at all his options.

"If I choose to move on I want to get going as quickly as I can and try to get accustomed to the land of minor league baseball and, if not, I want to get it out of my head so I can focus on TCU," he said.


Fifth round: Thaddius Lowry

Fellow Texas native Courtney Hawkins is apparently brokering the negotiations.


Sixth round: James Dykstra

Dykstra was the first of three college seniors taken in the first 10 rounds, so the signing question doesn't hover over this pick. But here's some video of him pitching via Facebook:


Seventh round: Trey Michalczewski

Michalczewski has a Twitter account, but it offers no clues. His bio still has Oklahoma Sooners branding, and his replies to well-wishers offer nothing more than polite thanks.


10th round: Brad Goldberg

Mark Gonzales says the Ohio State senior has already signed.

Goldberg, a senior pitcher at Ohio State, arrived late Monday night in Arizona for the White Sox's minicamp.

Goldberg, the Sox's 10th-round pick in last week's amateur draft, confirmed that he signed a contract late Sunday night.


11th round: Matt Ball

While Michalczewski isn't backing from his college commitments, Matt Ball has changed his Twitter handle to @MattBall_ChiSox.


19th round: Adam Engel

His Louisville Cardinals advanced to the College World Series, so there won't be any news about him until his season is over.


34th round: Octavio Rodriguez

The 6'4" high-school lefty is committed to Oklahoma, and figures to be a tough sign. He did post this ...

... but later said that he'll decide by the end of the summer.


39th round: Wolfie Tash

Dayn Perry of named Tash the third-most awesome name of the draft:

3. Wolfie Tash (White Sox; 1,173rd overall)
Sounds like: coveted strain of marijuana.