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Tonight's game cancelled: Go Hawks!

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Hockey fever and a crazy storm called this one early.

American (Gothic) Blackhawk
American (Gothic) Blackhawk
Art Institute of Chicago

The Chicago Blackhawks host the Boston Bruins in Game 1 of the NHL Finals tonight.

Also, the weather is scary bad-

RAMMB weather link

From Tom Skilling:

Dew points, a measure of atmosphere moisture, are surging in the hot air mass to the south. Measures of atmospheric energy and dew point pooling starting to show up in northwest Illinois and eastern Iowa suggest the air mass is likely to begin erupting in t-storms in short order in those areas. Once the process begins, it's likely to proceed expeditiously! These temp & dew point plots are off our in-house WeatherBug Professional database.



Be safe out there. Oh, and if hockey isn't your thing, this happened 43 years ago today: