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White Sox sign first-round pick Tim Anderson

Shortstop will report to Bristol; Sun-Times says first 10 picks are all in the fold

Rick Hahn welcomes Tim Anderson to the organization Wednesday afternoon.
Rick Hahn welcomes Tim Anderson to the organization Wednesday afternoon.

Thanks to the derecho locos taco storm, Tim Anderson didn't get to throw out the first pitch at tonight's game. The storm didn't divert him from the real business at hand -- starting his professional career.

He signed a minor-league contract with a bonus of $2.164 million, which is the assigned slot value for the 17th overall pick, and will start his career by reporting to Bristol. Appalachian League play begins on Sunday, June 23.

But Anderson's far from the only one of the first top 10 picks with a deal in hand. According to Daryl Van Schouwen, all of the top 10 picks are in the fold, but only half of them are official with dollar values.

Four of the five done deals are below slot, and three of them are well below due to their college-senior status. According to Baseball America, the Sox have created $511,000 of extra room in their draft pool budget thus far.

Here's what we know about the other nine picks since the last update.

Second round: LHP Tyler Danish

Slot value: $1,001,800
Not official

Van Schouwen says Danish's deal is done in his story, and all tweets associated with him corroborate that story, including Danish wishing his former college destination well. According to a Gainesville, Fla, TV reporter:


Third round: OF Jacob May

Slot value: $575,400
SIGNED: $525,000

The 91st overall pick is in the books for the bonus value of the 98th pick.


Fourth round: RHP Andrew Mitchell

Slot value: $413,000
SIGNED: $413,000

One of two players in the top 10 who doesn't act as his own press agent.

UPDATE (12:23 a.m.):


Fifth round: RHP Thaddius Lowry

Slot value: $309,200
SIGNED: 400,000

Like Anderson, Lowry was also disappointed by the postponement.

UPDATE (12:23 a.m.): But he won't be disappointed by the investment, as he's the first official over-slot pick of the draft:


Sixth round: RHP James Dykstra

Slot value: $231,500
SIGNED: $30,000

College senior signs.


Seventh round: 3B Trey Michalczewski

Slot value: $173,600
Not official

The draft pick with the most leverage hadn't tipped his hand on Twitter -- but he made the switch today.


Eighth round: LHP Chris Freudenberg

Slot value: $154,000
Not signed

The other mystery man.


Ninth round: RHP Nick Blount

Slot value: $143,000
SIGNED: $10,000

College senior signs.


10th round: RHP Brad Goldberg

Slot value: $135,300
SIGNED: $10,000

College senior signs.