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Terrerobytes: Charlotte, the Isle of Misfit White Sox

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Leyson Septimo is the latest to find out that a DFA isn't automatically a ticket to a new organization


Leyson Septimo attained afterthought status even before he went on the shelf early during spring training. After a lengthy absence and an underwhelming rehab stint, the White Sox confirmed it by designating him for assignment, then outrighting him to Charlotte.

The Knights roster now has three guys who have been on the White Sox's 40-man this season. Angel Sanchez was offered back to the Angels after his rehab stint, but they declined, and he was outrighted to Charlotte. Tyler Greene, who took Sanchez's place when he went on the DL in April, was DFA'd when Gordon Beckham returned. He found no takers, either.

But the Knights might not be done taking on 40-man cast-offs, because a decision regarding Dewayne Wise looms. He went on the DL with a sore hamstring retroactive to May 30, and whenever he comes back from the DL, it will be hard to make a convincing case that he should replace Jordan Danks. The only real edge is a financial one, but if the Sox lose Wise, they'll owe him less than $400,000, so that's not particularly compelling. And given how poorly Wise played before the injury, it's hard to see another team having a better opportunity for him than the Sox. Actually, the Sox are usually the team that would claim him.

Either way, this is one of the more subtle indications of the Sox's problems finding functional talent this seaosn. Over the years, the Sox have tried to sneak these names through waivers with no success:

  • 2012: Eric Stults
  • 2011: Jeff Gray, Jeff Marquez, Lucas Harrell
  • 2010: Jayson Nix

None of those names are electrifying, but none of them got through -- even Marquez. Granted, all those guys were healthy at the times of their dismissals, while Sanchez and Septimo dealt with injuries, but this shows how difficult it's been for the Sox to stock their 25-man roster with MLB-caliber players. You know, if the league's lowest run total didn't do enough for you already.


With the Sox starting their three-game series against Houston tonight, I was wondering about the weird role Geoff Blum might occupy. He's now the analyst for the Astros' TV broadcasts, and it's hard to think of a comparable. I guess if Tito Landrum had spent a few years for the Sox before joining the Orioles, then came back to work alongside Hawk Harrelson.

At any rate, it's a good summary of the state of Blum, and a fun review of his brief -- but highly successful -- White Sox career.

Speaking of 2005 heroes, Jose Contreras is out of a job. The 41-year-old threw only five innings for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and they weren't good -- 5 IP, 7 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 6 BB, 5 K -- before a back injury forced him onto the DL. If this is the end of the line for the Bronze Titan, it certainly seems like he's content.

Francisco Liriano, on the other hand, is pitching very well for the Pirates. There are some familiar numbers and quotes about the mechanical aspects he needs to maintain, but the biggest reason for his strong start might be the fact that he's faced the Cubs twice and the Mets and Brewers once apiece over his seven starts.

With Father's Day approaching, there are a couple of pertinent profiles of prominent Sox. Robin Ventura's wife, Stephanie, gives some behind-the-scenes detail of Ventura taking the job last year, and dealing with a sagging tent this year, while Addison Reed's dad deals with his scary ninth innings like many of us do.

While Tyler Danish has given plenty of signs on his Twitter account, Mark Gonzales says that he has not yet agreed to terms with the Sox yet, but "that could change by the weekend." Along with that update, Gonzales also talks to Danish about the Sox's interest in him as more than a bullpen arm.

On the other hand, Andrew Mitchell and Thaddius Lowry did sign, and I updated the post from late Wednesday night accordingly.

I meant to link to this Grant Brisbee review of the Dodgers-Diamondbacks brawl, so here it is now.

0:34 Miguel Montero is attacked by several dachshunds, who try to pull him down by the ankles

The Willie Bloomquist part is the best, but I won't spoil that for you.