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Dewayne Wise to the DL; Jordan Danks recalled

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Danks brothers finally get a chance to play together, but it may take a couple weeks for a matchup that makes sense

Ed Zurga

Dewayne Wise hasn't been seen much over the past couple weeks, with just three plate appearances since May 19, and zero starts.

He won't be seen much over the next couple weeks, either, as the White Sox placed him on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right hamstring. The Sox recalled Jordan Danks to take his place, and that means a few things:

No. 1: We can add a ninth tried-and-true step to the arc of his typical White Sox career:

Struggles after making the Opening Day roster, then gets injured.

No. 2: Either Jordan and John Danks will finally get to play together on a major-league roster, or a horrible fate is about to befall one of them. Or both of them, but it's usually one.

No. 3: Danks could avenge Wise taking his roster spot last year.

Wise was hitting .234/.258/.328 over 66 PA, so he's eminently replaceable if Danks doesn't fall flat on his face. And it's possible a trial period won't matter,-- he's certainly proved all he can at Charlotte, hitting .299/.399/.457 in his fourth season at Triple-A. Plus, Danks hung in well enough while filling in for Dayan Viciedo earlier this year. While he only mustered three hits in 15 at-bats, one of them left the yard, and he also drew three walks -- one more than Wise drew in roughly a quarter of the playing time. So even if Danks goes 0-for-6 over two weeks, Wise could get the Kosuke Fukudome treatment regardless.

If the Danks brothers are to take the field together in a major-league game for the first time, Robin Ventura will have to force the issue. Assuming the rotations hold, Danks will be facing lefties in his next two starts both Monday at Seattle (Joe Saunders), and Saturday versus Oakland (Tommy Milone).