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Terrerobytes: Darrin Jackson's rant wasn't bad, either

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Plus: Alexei Ramirez doesn't delve into troubles, and Jake Peavy and Paul Konerko are sore


Toward the bottom of Wednesday's discussion about Hawk Harrelson, Ken mentioned that Darrin Jackson's reaction to the dropped pop-up at the end of Tuesday's victory was pretty severe, especially by his standards.

I gave it a listen, and then transcribed it. If you read it in Jackson's typically folksy tone, you won't get the full effect, because he ditches all of the soft affectations in order to register his disgust:

"What is going on here. Are you kidding me? You’ve gotta be kidding me. You’ve gotta be joking. I mean. I – I- we’re supposed to be watching Major League Baseball here and apparently it’s turned into something else."

"I don’t know what Addison Reed is just even doing standing there as a spectator."

"You know, I’m just gonna say this: It’s not a complicated thing when you’re in the big leagues and there’s a pop-up in front of the pitcher’s mound. The second baseman doesn’t come and catch that ball. OK? I’m just gonna say that now. I don’t know what Gordon Beckham is doing between the pitcher’s mound and home plate. It’s the third baseman, it’s the first baseman, and Addison Reed has gotta let somebody know what’s going on out there."

"And there’s always going to be those that say, you know, ‘He didn’t mean to make that mistake.’ This is the big leagues. This is not A-ball or rookie ball. This is a pop-up in front of the pitcher’s mound in the major leagues. It’s a ball that’s got to be caught by one of two people — the third baseman or the first baseman. The third baseman was standing there."

Even better, it's becoming less and less surprising when Jackson drops the gloves. It took a few awkward years in the radio booth, but he and Ed Farmer seem to finally trust each other when it comes to air time. When Jackson doesn't like something, Farmer yields the floor to let Jackson air it out around Farmer's brief play-by-play interjections, and he's making good use of the time.

The booth still lacks the polish of a traditional pairing, and whether it's Farmer's monotone or Jackson's pacing on extended reads or exposition, it's still difficult at times to lock on as a listener. But when it comes to describing what players are doing right or (more frequently these days) wrong, I've grown to enjoy Jackson's way of delivering it. When Mr. Nice Guy is that fed up, it's all the more damning.


Alexei Ramirez hinted at some unrelated issues when declining to speak about his game-changing error in Sunday's loss to Kansas City, but he didn't follow up on it when he followed up with the media:

"It is difficult for anybody who does it, but especially for me because I care about the team and I take things very seriously," Ramirez said. "It is difficult but there’s nothing I can do about it now. Just learn from that and concentrate on what comes next and that’s what I’m going to do."

And then he made his 13th error on Wednesday, which also put the Sox in a hole. Although a run would've scored even if he made the play, and that one run was enough given the offense's efforts against Shaun Marcum.

Jake Peavy has started playing catch as he recovers from his rib injury but he doesn't think he'll be back before the All-Star break, because his ribcage doesn't allow him to really get his heart pumping. But I thought this was funny:

"Patience is something that I’ve never really been blessed with," Peavy said. "I am getting older. I am getting wiser. I’m not going to run out there anymore like I tried to do there in Seattle, tried to tough through. At the end of the day, you aren’t helping anybody by going out there. The mind is a powerful thing and can talk you into thinking you are going to go out there and do it. But at the end of the day, physically you can’t do it. I know my limitations. I know my body as (well as) I’ve ever known it."

Mm hmm.

Paul Konerko has missed the last couple of games with a sore back, and you can add that to the list of fits and starts that have kept him in first gear this season. Frank Thomas can probably rest easy.

Roibin Ventura is leaning toward adding a reliever to the bullpen for Friday's doubleheader. I'd like to see Simon Castro.

This won SB Nation's fourth GIF tournament:

It's great -- and yet it still got trounced by Rollerblading Raptor in the all-time vote. It's hard to see what will beat it.