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The second White Sox 2013 mock draft roundup

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A consensus pick begins to form four days before the draft

David Banks

The MLB draft takes place on Thursday, so we're approaching the best guesses from the draftnik community. There's consistency between this roundup and the first mock draft jamboree when it comes to the White Sox's possibilities with the 17th overall pick, which is generally a good thing. And there's something resembling a consensus pick, which is surprising given the dartboard nature of it all.

Unless a new wealth of information comes in, I'll probably do one more mock draft sweep, then look for the most popular ideas in the neighborhood of No. 17. Look for that Thursday.

In the meantime, I'll staple this to the front for a couple days for a general draft discussion thread. Got ideas, links, prospect videos? Drop 'em here. It'll certainly help me out.


There are a couple updates at Minor League Ball, the first of which being Matthew Garrioch's mock draft. He has the White Sox taking:

17) Chicago White Sox: Aaron Judge, OF, Fresno State: The Sox have had luck drafting good athletes and college players. Judge is both and after Konerko hangs them up, Judge could be that RH bat they need to replace him.

But in the community mock draft -- which covers the first four rounds -- here's who the White Sox (represented by TartLemons) suggested, with evaluation by John Sickels:

Chicago White Sox
17) Sean Manaea, LHP, Indiana State
55) Chad Pinder, 3B, Virginia Tech
91) Tyler Skulina, RHP, Kent State University
123) Cody Bellinger, 1B, Arizona HS
COMMENT: If Manaea is healthy, he's a steal at 17. Pinder's glove and athleticism could get him to the majors quickly, though will he have the bat for third base? Skulina seems very much like a White Sox draft: big, throws hard, but inconsistent. Bellinger could develop into just about anything. Overall this has a White Sox feel to me, with much riding on Manaea's hip and shoulder.

Besides Manaea's hip flexor issues, he's represented by Scott Boras, who says Manaea won't come at a discounted price.

Star-divide's Jonathan Mayo had the Sox going the toolsy outfielder route, but he's changed course:

17. White Sox: Chris Anderson, RHP, Jacksonville
Chicago has taken toolsy hitters in recent years, but it also has taken big, strong college pitchers. Anderson faded a bit but was really good early on and in his last start.

Baseball America's Jim Callis comes to the same conclusion at the moment:

17. CHICAGO WHITE SOX: Chicago loves athletic outfielders but appears to be targeting college arms such as Stanek, Gonzalez and Anderson more than Ervin, Wilson and Judge.

PROJECTED PICK: Chris Anderson (Mock draft 1.0/2.0: Austin Wilson/Alex Gonzalez).


If you're tired of toolsy outfielders and college pitchers, here's a new route:

17. Nick Ciuffo, C, Lexington High (S.C.)

For whatever reason, this year's draft is chock full of quality high school catchers. Ciuffo, a smooth lefthanded hitter, has the tools to provide a long-term solution behind the dish for the White Sox.

But novelty might not represent reality here. There hasn't been much from the Sox hinting at a direction, but this Mark Gonzales story from a couple weeks ago suggests that Doug Laumann wouldn't bark up this tree:

Laumann said as many as three high school catchers could be selected in the first round, but the Sox are in good shape with the emergence of Josh Phegley and Michael Blanke as, well as Kevan Smith.

"We're good there," Laumann said.