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South Side Sox meetup winning streak ends at 4

Fifth annual meetup a huge success despite the performance on the field.

Pictured: jim, moroots, billyok, rwshow, yinkadouble, little jimmy, slydernelson behind little jimmy, nsr hiding behind) larry, klcahillane88 , skancho, scotty ballgame, craig ws, papa giorgio, lockportsox, lastof12, son of lockport, dr.emiliolizardo, pierzynskirules, pnoles, tdogg, jackm, grinderintraining, happy human, anahito, kenwo hiding behind u-god, gar ridge pride, cheat, trooper perfectly positioned behind sse, catdaddy47 and e-gus

Front row: rhubarb, baines of my existence, 'mike', hsa, winning ugly

MIA: oahu420, others probably...

Great seeing everyone again. There were too many of us, I barely found the time to talk to half of you guys.

The big rookie class was nice to see and it was great catching up with the old gang.

We should have taken the group shot earlier as a few people wandered inside already.

SSS Meetup Starting Nine:


The perfect attendance club for every meetup.