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Laughable marathons nothing new between White Sox and Mariners

There's a history between the teams that pulled off a history-making 16-inning affair Wednesday afternoon

This tends to happen.
This tends to happen.
Brian Kersey

Lost in the fog of the five-hour, 42-minute, 16-inning cavalcade of absurdity that passed for the White Sox's 7-5 victory over the Seattle Mariners Wednesday afternoon was the realization that we witnessed the unholy offspring of two recent Sox-Mariners games.


The father: Mariners 1, White Sox 0 (14 innings), Aug. 12, 2009

A pitching duel between Mark Buehrle and Felix Hernandez gives way to the bullpens as both teams repeatedly botch opportunities to score, going a combined 2-for-22 with runners in scoring position. Scott Podsednik commits the worst offense in the 10th inning when he gets picked off at third while representing the go-ahead run with one out.

Both teams went scoreless for the first 13 innings before Ken Griffey Jr. delivered a walk-off single against Tony Pena. Adrian Beltre scored the winning run -- the same Beltre who stayed in the game after taking an Alexei Ramirez one-hopper to his cup-less groin, which would result in a DL stint for a "severely bruised testicle."

"When I look down, after the game, it wasn’t a pretty sight,’’ Beltre said. "My testicle got the size of a grapefruit. Thank God it didn’t really damage anything. It took me two weeks. It was a tear. A lot of blood inside, but it didn’t damage anything. Everything is OK.’’


The mother: White Sox 9, Mariners 8, Aug. 24, 2012

Like Wednesday, the White Sox held a five-run lead going into what should've been the last half-inning.

Like Wednesday, it officially disappeared when Addison Reed gave away an advantage -- in this case, grooving an 0-2 fastball to John Jaso for a two-run single. A 7-2 lead turned into an 8-7 deficit.

Like Wednesday, the Sox were able to regroup from the tragically blown lead and come away with a victory.

Like Wednesday, we got a great GIF out of the most memorable moment:

The Sox and Mariners are done playing each other this season. In previous years, that was unwelcome news. This year, I'm not so sure.