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Open Thread: 2013 MLB Draft

Discuss the picks as they fly off the board

Chris Sale DID gain weight.
Chris Sale DID gain weight.
Rob Grabowski / USA TODAY Sports

Lost in all the draft preparation was this great quote from Chris Sale, when asked why he fell to the White Sox at No. 13 in 2010:

When asked why he slipped a few notches, Sale pointed to his slender build as a reason that might have scared off possible suitors. He laughed at the idea that it was a signability issue, pointing out that he was engaged, had a child and was ready to go for "a case of beer and a bus ticket."

If you missed it or ignored it, here's a breakdown of most (if not all) the players linked to the Sox in draft rumors:

The latest mock drafts from Jim Callis and Keith Law offered no last-minute changes, but Law's pre-draft chat might inspire some of us here to rally behind Florida pitcher Jonathon Crawford:

Matt (Minnesota): You have the Tigers taking Jonathan Crawford, which seems like a popular prediction. What are they seeing in him that you don't, do you think? Is this a "we can make him right" kind of thing? Or a "we think he's better than you do" kind of thing?

Klaw: They think he's better than I think he is. They could be right. I didn't like Chris Sale out of the draft, not as a first rounder, because of his arm action, the same reason I don't like Crawford as a first rounder.

Draft begins at 6 p.m. Central on MLB Network, and here's's Draft Tracker to keep up.