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Roger Bossard helps Wade Boggs put in "A Day's Work"

SB Nation video series visits U.S. Cellular Field to profile the man who tries his best to give the White Sox home-field advantage

David Banks

I wonder if Roger Bossard resents seasons like these more than fans. He and his staff work like mad to get U.S. Cellular Field in terrific shape, only to see the grounds sullied with plays like:

At least Gordon Beckham didn't blame uneven blades of grass.

At any rate, I mention the Sodfather because Wade Boggs is all up in his business on behalf of SB Nation, as part of the "A Day's Work" series. It's a succinct summary of the Bossard family's history with turf, in which Boggs tells a story about his own history with Bossard, and the Bossard shares a story about the field itself that I didn't know.

The Cell is the second stop on Boggs' behind-the-scenes tour of MLB ballparks. Previously, he assisted in the maintenance of the on-deck aquariums at Marlins Park in Miami, but there are no such gimmicks here. Instead, it's a good look at the only consistently beautiful thing about White Sox baseball this year.