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White Sox trade rumors: The meaning of Jake Peavy's luggage

He's packed lots of bags, but only a few more than his teammates due to an upcoming road trip

This uniform probably won't be coming with him.
This uniform probably won't be coming with him.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

We already have to watch for hugs in the dugout, and now luggage is a big deal.

The White Sox are going on seven-game road trip. The trade deadline is in three days. Therefore, Jake Peavy is only showing a little common sense by packing more than usual:

A clubhouse attendant walked into the Chicago White Sox's locker room with five packed suitcases and Jake Peavy in tow. The veteran pitcher is preparing for what seems to be inevitable, a trade that would end his four-year tenure with the team.

"It is sad to think that this is probably my last day in here," Peavy said on Sunday morning. "We all realize the reality of the situation and I am prepared with that to happen soon."

But a bad headline on MLB Trade Rumors caused a minor stir, emphasizing the "packing his bags" part and ignoring the "because the team is traveling anyway" part, and describing the trade as "imminent."

MLBTR has since changed the headline, because it didn't ring true:

That said, the highly watched pot is starting to bubble up as the negotiation process starts to find a point between:

The tweets since are minor updates of what we already know: The Red Sox, Cardinals and A's are most prominently involved, with the Dodgers around, the Orioles stirring and the Braves' interest mild at best. The most noteworthy item is Jayson Stark saying the Sox have no interest in eating money, but that's not necessarily new, either.

Peavy is scheduled to start Tuesday, so I'd think a deal would be made before then, or the Sox might use a spot starter. It only diminishes his value to another team if he has to wait a full turn to use him.