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Chris Sale and Jesse Crain named All-Stars

Two pitchers will be representing the White Sox this year.

Another moment like this will be happening.
Another moment like this will be happening.

You take what blessings and high praise you can get in the down times and this 2013 season has definitely been that so far. But something nice to find out? The Chicago White Sox will not be one of the terrible teams with only one pity representative or as I like to call it The Ken Harvey Special.

Nope. With no hitters on this pitiful offense being worthy of the title, the burden of representing the Pale Hose falls to the pitching staff. Both the ace of the rotation and the ace of the relief crew were given the honors they so duly deserved, with Chris Sale and Jesse Crain both being tabbed to make the trip out to Queens for this year's All-Star Game.

Crain was chosen by his fellow players, which is always nice to hear. It's also nice to see that a 597 ERA+ doesn't get completely overlooked. Sale was chosen by Jim Leyland, which makes complete and total sense as who better to pick than the pitcher having the best season from your own division?

Crain will be allowed to attend the game and suit-up, but thanks to his shoulder injury he will not be pitching. Expect Chris Sale to toe the rubber though. It's yet to be said if the Sox will send a player to the Final Vote for what would continue to be the league-leading 11th time. No Sox players were nominated for the Final Vote.