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Terrerobytes: A.J. Pierzynski on the White Sox catcher problem

No, he's not the solution, but he offered some insight on the struggles of Tyler Flowers

David Banks

The post about Mark Parent's ejection was originally supposed to be a Terrerobytic blurb, then I got carried away.

Some link leftovers from the weekend:

A.J. Pierzynski offered support for Tyler Flowers, and offered the idea that a veteran backup might have helped Flowers survive his first year as a starter. In Pierzynski's personal experience, he said journeyman catcher Tom Prince helped him understand the ups and downs back with the Twins in 2001. This could've been a troublesome topic to discuss, but he handled it deftly.

Avisail Garcia's scary coliision with the chain-link part of the right-field fence didn't result in a concussion. It looked like it could've been a shoulder injury, but Robin Ventura pointed to dehydration as the underlying issue, and the jolt might've made him loopy. He's day to day, and Ventura said Garcia wants to play later today.

Ramon Troncoso, meanwhile, just hopes to return by the end of the season. Not to make any bold proclamations, but pericarditis doesn't sound like a lot of fun.

Robin Ventura likes that Adam Dunn has weakened other teams' shifts with his more versatile hitting approach. It's just a shame the Cardinals didn't arrive on the scene earlier for him.

If you missed the latter article Larry dropped into the comments, Mike Matheny says some of his pitchers are too uncomfortable with a shift behind them to make it worthwhile. That's one of those things that falls under maanger's discretion, but it seems like a trade-off that can be studied with enough observation.

Everything's coming up Dodgers these days.

Craig dropped this link the Civil Rights Game post, in which Negro Leagues Baseball Museum President Bob Kendrick is lauded for cleaning up quite a mess.

I'm including a couple of old Joe Posnanski's post about Kendrick's return, mostly because Posnanski's original post doesn't exist anymore. He tore into the NLBM for effectively shoving Kendrick out the picture after Buck O'Neil's death. Nobody could match O'Neil's combination of heart, will and charisma, but Posnanski thought Kendrick had the contacts and the imagination to keep the energy alive, and thought that choosing somebody with no connections to the museum's origins would spell its doom. Looks like he was right on both counts, although fortunately leadership changed before it was too late.