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White Sox love the extra-inning game

How do you make an already torturous season even longer? They've found a way

Axelrod pitching in the Sunday's extra-inning loss
Axelrod pitching in the Sunday's extra-inning loss
Duane Burleson

If you were thinking that this season has felt longer than normal, you would be right. So far this year the Chicago White Sox are 5-12 in extra-inning games with 52 games to go.

If that sounds like a lot of extra-inning games, that's because it is. In a season where the Sox have been near the bottom in most categories, they are the current leaders in extra-inning games. The Seattle Mariners are in second with 16, going 6-10 in those games with the Arizona Diamondbacks in third with 15 games and a 10-5 record. Looking over the past ten seasons, the Sox are breaking some trends.

Season Wins Losses Pct.
2004 6 7 .462
2005 11 8 .579
2006 7 8 .467
2007 6 7 .462
2008 8 4 .667
2009 4 6 .400
2010 6 10 .375
2011 7 11 .389
2012 5 9 .357
2013 5 12 .294

The 2005 season gave us the most extra-inning games so far with 19. This season, the Sox are on a pace for free baseball 25 times this year. The White Sox 16-inning game on June 5 against the Mariners was second-longest of this period; a 19-inning game in 2006 against the Boston Red Sox on the Sunday before the All-Star break.

So, if you were hoping for a quick, painless rest of the season, the Sox might not give it to you.