Hahn Interviewed by Dan Bernstein of 670 The Score.

Our favorite GM was interviewed for a half an hour this afternoon by 670 The Score’s Dan Bernstein. These are the highlights.

  • The Rios deal has been in the works for a bit as the Rangers’ waiver claim arrived on Wednesday. Hahn said there had been ‘misinformation’ in the media with regards to who the Sox talked to before the deadline and about whom they talked. Because the PTBNL hasn’t officially been named, Hahn couldn’t confirm Leury Garcia, he instead alluded to a "toolsy infielder." He cited a good relationship with Texas GM Jon Daniels, which I assume to be the Danks-for-McCarthy swap of 2007.
  • On the subject of the White Sox finances, Hahn said the Sox ate money in today's Rios trade and further emphasized they can, and would, eat money in future trades "for the right return." He and Bernstein specifically referenced Bernstein’s column and it’s TARP idea. Hahn wouldn’t comment further than to say it was an "interesting" idea. His tone, I felt, indicated Bernstein had correctly guessed a possible plan.
  • Bernstein asked, "Will extra money be invested in the scouting department? Hahn replied, "That’s a good point, and one I won’t go into because it’s too good a point. It has been discussed."
  • The White Sox will not be against hiring the scouts of other teams. The White Sox under Hahn have added scouts and may continue to do so.
  • The White Sox do avoid Scott Boras free agents, but not in the draft or pre-arb situations. They dislike his style of waiting until the last minute to make biggest possible deals.
  • This is Rick Hahn’s team. Kenny Williams is Hahn’s direct supervisor, but they have worked together for 12 years and understand the needs of the job.
  • An extension with Ventura will be discussed in the off-season along with the expiring coaches

I'm a fan of Boers & Bernstein but I know a lot of people hate them. Yes they're silly and stupid and treat their callers like dopes, but I think Bernstein is a better than average interviewer. If anyone would like to see my full notes, get at me.

Here is a link to the full interview.

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