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Alex Rios traded to the Texas Rangers

Let the Avisail Garcia era begin!

His levitation tools are underrated
His levitation tools are underrated

As has been speculated extensively over the past 24 hours, Alex Rios has been traded to the Texas Rangers.  Officially, the trade is Rios and cash for a player to be named later.  Unofficially, it looks like the player has already been named.

Leury Garcia has already spent part of this season playing for the Rangers, but was sent down to AAA Round Rock in June.  Since he is on the Rangers's 40 man roster, he would have to clear waivers himself to come to the White Sox so he won't be headed to the White Sox until the waiver period ends.

The cash involved has been reported too.

This won't come close to covering Rios's approximately $4 million for this season or the $13 million the Rangers will owe him next year.

Prior to the trade being announced, Alex Rios was in the lineup for the first game of today's double-header with the Minnesota Twins.  Blake Tekotte is replacing him in the first game.  The big question now is whether Avisail Garcia can get on a plane to Chicago before the second game tonight.

Updated:  It's official now...

That should be "will recall OF Avisail Garcia", but you get the idea.