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Highlights from the 2014 White Sox schedule

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Perhaps next season will look better than this one

Jonathan Daniel

The new phonebook schedule is here, and it's a lot more tempting to look at it this year, as compared to last season, when the White Sox had more pressing issues.

The season opens at home on March 31 against Minnesota ... which is better than opening the season in Minnesota on March 31. The Sox have cold-weather cities for four of their first five series (Kansas City is the lone exception, April 4-6).

Unlike this season, when the White Sox didn't play the Tigers until the All-Star break approached, there doesn't seem to be any massive backloading with the divisional opponents. Otherwise, the schedules don't vary much for year to year except for a couple aspects.

Interleague opponents

  • at Colorado: April 7-9
  • at Cubs: May 5-6
  • vs. Cubs: May 7-8
  • vs. Arizona: May 9-11
  • vs. San Diego: May 30-June 1
  • at Dodgers: June 2-4
  • vs. San Francisco: June 17-18
  • at San Francisco: Aug. 12-13

*Bold indicates Vin Scully broadcast.

The Sox play their latest interleague series a little later than this year, when they hosted a series against the Braves July 19-21, but they'll be spared going out of the league for the stretch run, should it matter. Speaking of which:


This season, the White Sox had two scheduled off days in September. The Sept. 23 date was taken by what's going to be a hilariously irrelevant makeup game with Toronto, so the Sox will finish the season with 30 games in their last 31 days. That has nothing on the Rays, who have 37 games in their last 38 days.

In September 2014, the Sox have three scheduled off days, with two of them surrounding one of those weird two-game sets in Minnesota (they also have two in late August). They could use the occasional break, because it won't be an easy finish if they find themselves in contention: Indians, A's, Twins, Royals, Rays, Tigers, Royals.