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Tyler Flowers 2013 season ends with shoulder surgery

The backstop's disappointing campaign comes to a rather abrupt finish due to "fraying" in right shoulder

Just not a good year for the Tylers of the world.
Just not a good year for the Tylers of the world.

During yesterday's game, Tyler Flowers hit one of those homeruns that make you remember why the team was ready to give him a chance to be the full-time starter after letting A.J. Pierzynski walk this winter. But as seems to be the theme this year, happy moments are to be punished.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Tyler Flowers will have exploratory shoulder surgery and is expected out 3-6 months.</p>&mdash; Dan Hayes (@DanHayesCSN) <a href="">September 2, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Just like that, he has no more plate appearances left this season with which he can attempt to find redemption. There hasn't been any more information or details yet released about the injury, but if it's been a lingering issue it could go a long way towards explaining why he's looked so terrible at the plate this year. Well, that or maybe he just isn't very good. Either way, hope you're ready to watch Josh Phegley play a lot more often.

Update (2:01 p.m.): Dan Hayes has details and quotes from Flowers:

“The starting job was definitely a driving force to exhaust every option I could,” Flowers said by phone. “I’ve waited a long time for this opportunity and did everything to avoid missing out. … It’s something that has to be done. I could continue, but couldn’t perform at the level required by myself, my team or my teammates.” [...]

“It solidified what I thought was going on,” Flowers said. “As a ballplayer and an athlete, you know yourself better than everybody else. Initially when it happened I thought it was more like a tweak. What got me was when I was getting ready for spring, it intensified and that’s when I started to question it.”