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Paul Konerko's anticlimactic press meeting

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Konerko meets with the press to announce he's still thinking about his future, so watch this weekend just in case.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

During last night's game, the Chicago White Sox announced that Paul Konerko would be meeting with and taking questions from the media. With three days left for the season and Konerko in the final days of a contract in his seventeenth major league season, it was easy to conclude that a retirement announcement was coming. Unfortunately for the fans, that didn't happen. In Rick Hahn's statements before Konerko spoke, Konerko's future won't be discussed for "a couple of weeks". Konerko added, "If I come back, production can be done a lot of different ways. I have to work more with the young guys and be better with them," and if he came back next season, "that would be it."

"If". That's the key word for this weekend. There won't be any late inning removal to allow for a standing ovation and no big ceremonies to celebrate his career. No special evenings filled with highlight videos and bobbleheads. Just a lot of awkward, unresolved questions.

With three games remaining this season, there are still some things for Konerko to play for. As ruffster has pointed out, Konerko is trailing Frank Thomas by five to become the Sox all time leading in total bases. Also, Konerko mentioned his desire to play shorstop recently. While the chances of him playing at short are probably less than Mariano Rivera playing center field, expect to see Konerko in the field all weekend long. With MLB.TV free for the rest of the season and no Green Bay Packers game this weekend, there's no reason to miss a game now (unless there's a Fox blackout tomorrow). So break out your Konerko jersey or t-shirt and watch the games.