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Royals 6, White Sox 1: 98 is so close to 100

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In an odd twist, the lack of offense didn't lose the game, Chris Sale's pitching did.

Brian Kersey

The White Sox's game barely started tonight when it already was over.  Uncharacteristically, Chris Sale gave up three runs in the top of the first.  That was good enough for the Kansas City Royals who put up one more run in the fourth and two more in the sixth to beat the White Sox 7-1.

Emilio Bonifacio, who has one of the best names in baseball, came up big for the Royals tonight.  He walked in the first, stole second, and scored the first run of the night, along with Eric Hosmer, on a Billy Butler double.  Bonifacio also drove in two runs with singles in the fourth and the sixth going 2 for 4 on the night with two RBIs and a walk.  Billy Butler went 3 for 5, scoring the third run of the first on a Lorenzo Cain single along with the two run double.

James Shields cruised through the White Sox lineup tonight giving up four hits and striking out ten through seven innings of work.  In the fourth, Alexei Ramirez tripled to the left field corner with one out, but a strike out by Adam Dunn and a fly out by Paul Konerko stranded him.  The lone White Sox run came off of Gordon Beckam's fifth home run of the season in the sixth.  Then came one of the weirdest outs of the season.  Alexei Ramirez hit a fly ball to deep left.  Alex Gordon jumped at the fense, but then realized the ball hadn't gone over and caught the ball after landing.  This confused everyone, including Alexei Ramirez who was running the bases and the fireworks operators.  Even Hawk had put it on the board. Yes.

Chris Sale had a tough outing.  On a night where the defense was good, Sale gave up four runs over five and a third innings.  Sale finishes the season going 11-14 with a 3.07 ERA. Despite the rough outing, there was one good bit from this game.

The loss tonight takes the White Sox to 98 losses for the season.  So close, so tantalizingly close to 100.