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Orioles 4, White Sox 0: Variations on a theme

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The Sox are now 0-8 on this 10-game road trip, and they can't even find ways to make the losses different

Rob Carr

Watching the first two games of this Baltimore series without Gameday, you'd be hard-pressed to tell which White Sox performance was the better one.

Looks like the only way to settle it:


Thursday Tonight
Hits 5 5
Extra-base hits 0 0
At-bats w/RISP * 2 *
Hits w/RISP 0 * 1 *
Runs * 1 *
Pitches seen * 138 *
Walks 1 1
Errors * 0 *
Runs allowed * 3 *
Home runs allowed 3 3
Baserunners allowed * 8 * 10
Time of game
2:34 * 2:26 *

The verdict: Doesn't matter. For the most part, this game was a Xerox copy of last night -- a notch down in quality, but enough to pass as a valid duplicate. Sent it along to the notary public nearest you.

A White Sox starter gave up three solo homers for the second straight night, but this time, John Danks only lasted 5⅓ innings. He bounced back from Danny Valencia's homer OK, striking out four of the next five batters. He didn't recover from Chris Davis' homer nearly as well, because Matt Wieters left the yard two pitches later for a back-to-back job, ending Danks' night.

The only material difference was the extra run on the Orioles' side, and the lack of a run for the White Sox. Both were the result of bad breaks involving Jeff Keppinger.

The White Sox should have tied it up in the fourth inning when Paul Konerko hit a single up the middle with two outs and Keppinger on second. Adam Jones made a great throw home, Wieters blocked the plate and forced Keppinger to slide around it. Even still, Keppinger did manage to jab his hand and swipe home plate before Wieters applied the tag, but John Hirshbeck didn't see it that way. The Sox can mentally apply that run to next year when instant replay kicks in, I guess.

Then in the fifth, Danks made a pretty good pitch on Valencia with two outs and a runner on third, but he kept it fair over the bag. Keppinger made a diving stop, but his throw came a half-step too late.

But that run didn't matter. The Sox lineup seemed to want to get this one over in a hurry, as Feldman retired the last eight he faced on 20 pitches.

At two hours and 26 minutes, mission accomplished?

Record: 56-84 | Box score | Play-by-play | Highlights