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White Sox Winter League Review

Recapping the rest of the offseason leagues

Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez

I covered the Dominican Winter League earlier this week; now (almost) all the leagues have wrapped up their regular seasons.


INF Carlos Sanchez (and the White Sox) have to be happy with what the 21-year-old infielder did: .348/.428/.443 in 58 games for Tiburones de La Guaira. He had a forgettable 2013 season but, regardless of level of competition in the VWL, an excellent offseason campaign should provide confidence that Sanchez hasn't forgotten how to play baseball.

C Miguel Gonzalez played reasonably well - .262/.337/.345 line for Tiburones - and, at 23, he should still be in the discussions of long-term catching for the White Sox, if only in a possible back-up role.

1B Andy Wilkins is a very fringy prospect but he didn't do himself any harm with his .314/.395/.476 in 31 games for Tiburones. Considering the White Sox depth chart, he's probably looking at a full season in Charlotte.

RHP Nestor Molina got in some necessary additional reps after an(other) injury-riddled season: 20 G, 29.2 IP, 27 H, 5 BB, 20 K. Soon-to-be 25, Molina's major league future, if any, is very likely to be out of the bullpen.


CF Jacob May is still playing, as the ABL doesn't finish its regular season until the end of the month, and he's done pretty well for the Sydney Blue Sox: in 30 games, .237/.325/.388 with 14 stolen bases in 17 attempts. He brought his contact hitting bats with him, too, as he's struck out 8 times (and walked 8 times) in about 130 plate appearances.

2B Joey DeMichele came home at the end of the year because of some low back issues, which may or may not have caused him to bat .214/.246/.411 in 28 games. At lot of that came in the first ten games, as that's when he hit 4 of his 5 home runs.

CF Trayce Thompson and 3B Alex Liddi didn't play after my prior update. I ignored players I considered irrelevant, so if you want to see how all the White Sox did, here's the link.