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South Side Sox Interactive Hall of Fame voting results

We induct three, but 10-player limit wreaks havoc with those who missed the cut

Frank Thomas speaking to the SSS crowd after being voted into the Interactive Hall of Fame.
Frank Thomas speaking to the SSS crowd after being voted into the Interactive Hall of Fame.
Jonathan Daniel

I've been collecting votes for the 2014 Hall of Fame class for the past week. I'm happy to say that we more than doubled our previous record. An amazing 464 ballots were counted and three men have reached the magic number of 348 votes to get in.

Getting the Call

Greg Maddux received the most votes as he was named on 450 ballots, good for 96.9% of the vote. Maddux will go in on his first try and will wear an Atlanta Braves cap.

Frank Thomas received 429 votes, good for 92.4%. He will go in wearing a White Sox cap.

Tom Glavine received 403 votes, good for 86.8%. He will go in with his longtime teammate Maddux and manager Bobby Cox as a Brave.


Just Missed

Craig Biggio (345, 74.3%). Biggio missed by just three votes. I took him off of my ballot and feel somewhat guilty about it.

Mike Piazza (298, 64.2%). Piazza missed by just over 10 percent of the vote and will try again next year. He was an inductee last year.


Halfway There

Tim Raines (278, 59.9%). Raines has been voted in twice during the four years we've done this. Both times in odd numbered years. Watch out for the Rock again next year.

Jeff Bagwell (275, 59.2%). Bagwell missed by just a couple of votes last year, but with more entries and a more crowded ballot falls short.


Stuck in the 30s

Barry Bonds (176, 37.9%). In last years SSS voting, Bonds was in the upper 50's. This year, he falls down to the upper 30's.

Roger Clemens (175, 37.7%). The Rocket is tied at the hip with Bonds. Bonds fell 20 percent this year and so did the Rocket.

Mike Mussina (152, 32.7%). On a ballot flushed with great pitching, Mussina racked up 32.7%.

Curt Schilling (150, 32.3%). Schilling also had 50% last year, but with stiff competition from the first year class, fell down the ranks.


The 20 Percent Club

Jack Morris (127, 27.3%). In his final year of eligibility, Morris falls short. He had 32% last year.

Edgar Martinez (124, 26.7%). Edgar also dropped about 20 percent from his total last year.

Alan Trammell (111, 23.9%). Trammell still gets no love. Amazes me how a guy that was a notch below Ripken with the bat and a notch below Smith with the glove doesn't get the love he deserves. He fell over 20 percent from last year.


Double Digits

Fred McGriff (83, 17.8). The Crime Dog fell seven homers short of 500 and that has hurt him. He received 23% last year.

Don Mattingly (67, 14.4%). Donnie Baseball got a one percent bump up. If he keeps this up, we'll see him inducted in 61 years.

Jeff Kent (67, 14.4%). Kent got 14 percent in his first year of eligibility. Can he move up next year?

Lee Smith (66, 14.2%). Lee fell from 27 percent last year. His chances are getting smaller and smaller.

Larry Walker (56, 12%). Walker had 21 percent last year and fell down to 12 in his second year.


Still Fighting

Mark McGwire (43, 9.2%). Big Mac fell from 25 percent to 9 percent. Now he's fighting for his ballot life.

Sammy Sosa (26, 5.6%). Slammin' Sammy had two more votes than the minimum to remain on the ballot.


Gone But Not Forgotten (24 votes needed to stay on the ballot)

Rafael Palmeiro (18, 3.8%). 3,000 hits and 500 homers not enough to overcome steroid issues.

Ray Durham (11, 2.3%). I wish we could turn back the clock about 20 years and have Ray Durham coming up through the system. Maybe he is in the form of Marcus Semien.

Luis Gonzalez (10, 2.1%). 2001 was a great year.

Moises Alou (9, 1.9%). Screw Bartman.

Sean Casey (5, 1.07%). Keep doing your thing on MLB Network.

Hideo Nomo (4, .8%). Nomo Mania ran wild for a little while and I appreciated his motion. I used it to whiff my brother in whiffle ball many times. Also, Masahiro Tanaka and any other Japanese import should tip his hat to the pioneer.

Kenny Rogers (4, .8%). Know when to fold 'em, Gambler.

Mike Timlin (4, .8%). Apparently Mike Timlin's wife and kids voted in the poll.

Eric Gagne (3, .6%). Bobby Thigpen says screw you.

J.T. Snow (3, .6%). I think he got votes because snow was on people's minds this past week.

Richie Sexson (1, .2%). I'd take him over Adam Dunn.

Jacque Jones (1, .2%). He should have gotten more votes than this just because Cub fans hated him so much.

Todd Jones (1, .2%). I liked his mustache.

Armando Benitez (1, .2%). He must have signed an autograph for one of you.

Paul Lo Duca (0, 0%). The only guy without a single vote.



The packed ballot and the super-strong three first timers really hurt everyone else. With so many guys worthy of getting consideration, they basically all split the vote as a lot of guys dropped about 20 percent off of last years numbers. Next year it isn't going to let up. Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, Gary Sheffield, Carlos Delgado, Nomar Garciaparra, Jermaine Dye, Darin Erstad, Joe Crede and others are eligible.

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2011: Roberto Alomar, Bert Blyleven, Tim Raines

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2012: Barry Larkin

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2013: Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Tim Raines

SSS Hall of Fame Class 2014: Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas, Tom Glavine

Here you can search for your favorite SSS'er and see who they voted for.

Thanks for participating. I don't know if it was Frank being on the ballot, the ridiculous weather or the new format that allowed this to stay at the top of the page, but whatever it was, it was awesome.