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The longest White Sox home runs of 2014

Jose Abreu hit the fastest, shortest and highest homers this past season, but a teammate topped him in distance

Leon Halip

The Kansas City Royals are representing the American League in the World Series.

Do you want to talk about that horrifying truth, or do you want to see some White Sox dingers?

I thought so.

As is October tradition, it's time to fire up Hit Tracker Online and look for the longest home runs hit by the White Sox over the past season.  But before we list the longest bombs of the year, let's take the time to honor the most extreme homers in other respects:

Shortest home run: 339 feet, Jose Abreu off Zach McAllister on July 12. (Video | Path)

Fastest home run: 115.2 mph, Jose Abreu off Luke Gregerson on May 14. (Video | Data)

Highest home run: 45-degree elevation angle, Jose Abreu off Chad Bettis on April 8. (Video | Data)

Abreu's first career home run had the highest launch angle out of 4,186 home runs hit in 2014 -- by more than two degrees. Anthony Rizzo came closest, but only at 42.7 degrees.

Lowest home run: 19.2-degree elevation angle, Tyler Flowers off Tommy Milone on Sept. 2. (Video | Data)

Most violent home run: Tyler Flowers off Jared Burton on July 25. (Video | Data)

Abreu beat out Flowers in the speed and distance categories this year, but for my money, a Tyler Flowers Murder Time homer still wins the blue ribbon for savagery. Here, the second-fastest homer (114.9 mph) plus the 11th-lowest launch angle (22.3 degrees) equals Target Field property damage.


Now, with the longest White Sox home runs of 2014, there's quite a log jam, as the Sox hit six homers hit between 438 and 444 feet. We join that sequence already in progress...

No. 5: Adam Dunn off Aaron Crow

Date: May 20 | Distance: 440 feet | Speed off bat: 104.5 mph

Here's the White Sox doing what the Orioles couldn't: beating the Royals, and at Kauffman Stadium. Dunn provided the necessary runs with a clout to dead center that didn't need one Hawk Harrelson "stretch!" plea, much less two of them.

No. 4: Avisail Garcia off Nate Karns

Date: Sept. 21 | Distance: 442 feet | Speed off bat: 110.2 mph

This wasn't even the longest homer Garcia hit that day, or against that pitcher. [/foreshadowing] Also, Tropicana Field makes long home runs as aesthetically unimpressive as everything else inside that thing.

No. 3: Jose Abreu off Trevor Cahill

Date: May 9 | Distance: 443 feet | Speed off bat: 107.4 mph

Abreu maximizes the 3-0 green light, taking an elevated Cahill sinker toward Thome Territory deadaway center at U.S. Cellular Field. He hit it so well that Steve Stone could actually gather himself for a decent home run call.

No. 2: Adam Dunn off Collin McHugh

Date: May 16 | Distance: 444 feet | Speed off bat: 113.7 mph

Here we see two elements that enhance mammoth clouts: Upper decks and Tom Paciorek, who can't contain his inner Ric Flair after Hawk Harrelson's "YES!"

No. 1: Avisail Garcia off Nate Karns

Date: Sept. 21 | Distance: 468 feet | Speed off bat: 114.8 mph

Not satisfied with his first no-doubter in the dome, Garcia hits this first-pitch roller so hard that he finds another deck in the outfield.