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My name is Dayton, I'm new to these boards/posting but I read the site daily. I mention my unique name, because if one Dayton can take an AL Central team to the World Series with half-brain ideas why can't I? I would also like to preface I haven't read anyone else's plan yet. So sorry for any stolen ideas, or being off on FA contract costs (sometimes I'm bad at predicting that kinda thing) Anyways, here goes..

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

Write "tender" or "non-tender" after each of the following names:
Ronald Belisario, $3.9M Non-tender
Tyler Flowers, $2.1M Tender
Dayan Viciedo, $4.4M Non- Tender (Empty 20 homer season from a negative value player. Let him find a change of scenery elsewhere)
Hector Noesi, $1.9M Tender ( I probably have more blind faith in this guy then anyone else who did one of these)
Nate Jones, $600,000. Tender
Javy Guerra $1.3M (if he is a Super Two) Tender

Contract options (pick up or buy out):
Felipe Paulino: $4M for 2015 or $250,000 buyout Buy-out (well that worked well)

Free agents (re-sign or let go?):
Matt Lindstrom: $4M salary in 2014 Let-Go, not a tough decision. Why would we keep him for the same value we signed him to when he was a quality reliever coming off an injury trainwreck?

Explain if you have to:

Free agents

No. 1. Victor Martinez 3 years 48mil. It just makes too much sense. We need the bat that he provides and there isn't anyone else out there that supplies the kinda middle of the order profile he does. Hopefully we can keep it to 3 years considering age, and hopefully we can outbid Detroit who as we saw in the Miggy deal overpay sometimes to keep their guys.

No 2. Andrew Miller 3years 28 million. This is another guy who just makes too much sense. Our bullpen was a dumpster fire and here is a stud reliver who also just happens to be left handed.

No. 3 Sergio Romo 1year 3.5 mil. Hoping for a bounceback, I think he is the best 'closer experience' guy out there who can come at a reasonable cost.

No.4 Justin Masterson 1yr 8mil with option. Coop'll fix him. I like Brandon McCarthy a lot, but I think the yankees will go out on him, so I like the risk/reward on a one year Masterson deal.

No.5 (PLAN B IF my Bruce trade below is not possible) Colby Rasmus 3 yr 16mil (maybe options?). This is a guy I would love to buy low on considering his off year. I'm not sure my figure is realistic, or that he would even consider a multi-year deal and may just wanna rebuild value. However, he's left handed and was a close to 5 win player as recently as 2013, I want multi year possbilities because he's only 28 and we could buy his prime if he makes a comeback.

Flier guys/other possibilities:

Brett Anderson, Sergio Santos, Nori Aoki (plan C to Bruce/Rasmus), Nick hundley backup C (1 yr

1.5), Neal Cotts (1 yr 1.75), Brandon Morrow?


No. 1. Acquire Jay Bruce from the Reds for Carlos Sanchez, Chris Beck, Daniel Webb and Jared Mitchell. Cincy may be looking to overhaul after the poor year and want to start with Bruce. I think due to his contract and his down season due to injury this is a good guy we could buy low on. The Reds could certainly use middle infield help. I offer Sanchez as he's the guy I would least mind parting with but could require Semien, Johnson, or even Anderson instead. In which case, I'm not adding much else on our side and may not even do it. He's another lefty power bat and could play a corner outfield spot. I don't see LF as some major change.This is the only trade possibility I feel with how I went through my gameplan, but if one went a different direction it's easy to imagine us making a play for Evan Gattis as a big acquisition. I could also easily see Viciedo tendered just to be dealt. Hell, he could have went to Cincy in my Bruce deal. It's iffy


Well, I think I solved LF by acquiring Jay Bruce and certainly solved our left handed power failure by him and Martinez. The pen was a disaster last year so I added a couple bigger names to it. I really think there are decent guys to carry over, despite how bad the pen was as a whole I think a lot of it was Lindstrom, Downs, Goggles, guys who will be gone next year.

1. Eaton CF
2. Gillaspie 3b (V. RHP) / Semien 3b (v. LHP)
3. Abreu 1b
4. Martinez DH
5. Bruce LF
6. Garcia RF
7. Ramirez SS
8. Flowers C
9. M. Johnson 2b

Bench: Semien (super UTIL guy, gets platoon 3rd, at bats at 2nd and even outfield), Sierra OF, Nick Hundley C, Wilkins 1b, Tyler Saladino (IF). I kept Wilkins because he could play a nice lefty bench bat role like Gload used too, I still kinda think he's a 4A player but we were missing a bat off the bench last year (thanks paulie), I don't really have a backup CF which can be a problem but I assume Bruce could just move over if need be.

1. Sale
2. Quintana
3. Masterson
4. Danks/Rodon


Not sure if Rodon breaks camp with the team, if he does I think he goes straight to the rotation. I would like to get one of my flier guys like Brett Anderson/Morrowl to possibly compete for one of these roles.

Bullpen: Miller Closer (I think offering him this may get him a little cheaper, and despite being LH his splits are fine he's just damn good, Romo, Putnam, Petricka, Guerra, Cotts

BTW: I like Cleto a lot, at least September Cleto, if he can get some control he can move up this pen quick IMO. Right now I don't have him on the roster.

So, RH said we had 45-50 mil to work with I believe, I think I'm in the 45 mil range depending what plan happens in LF. I think the Rasmus contract vs. the Bruce deal could be comparable costs depending if we can get them to eat a little money and I have us ditching Viciedo so that adds money back to the pot. I think this will be a contending team for sure. My only wild card is the back of my rotation as I bet a lot on Masterson making a return and Noesi being legit.

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