forGoodnessSakeTakeAPitch's Offseason Plan

FGSTAP's Offseason Plan

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

Write "tender" or "non-tender" after each of the following names:

None of these likely come as surprises anymore after looking through most everyone else's plan. I have an idea for Viciedo that may or may not make sense, but see below for that. Belisario was likely unlikely like Hahn said, but he also wasn't fooling anyone for the most part, and it seems like there could be some in-house options that are cheaper and accomplish the same result if pieces can be added. The rest are useful for obvious reasons.

Contract options (pick up or buy out):

  • Felipe Paulino: $4M for 2015 or $250,000 buyout - buyout. I honestly forgot he was a thing. I would like that to continue.

Explain if you have to: Bad

Free agents (re-sign or let go?):

Free agents

Chase Headley - 4 yrs/$52 Million - Similar to everyone else's feelings, Headley's defense would go a long way to helping this team. He would probably cover up some deficiency in the rotation/bullpen as well, which will be much needed as I didn't really address that as much as some others. He doesn't blow me away offensively, and I wish he had a bit of pop, but his on-base skills are strong, and it comes from both sides of the plate. This would allow Gillespie to be either shopped or used off the bench in reasonable platoon scenarios, for which he is much better suited.

Nick Markakis - 4 yrs/$50 Million - Another of the SSS communities favorite targets. Need to fill an outfield spot and while not great defensively, in an improvement over the dumpster fire that was Dayan Viciedo. Like larry said, his ability to cover CF if (when) Adam Eaton might (does) explode into the wall at mach speed and hurts himself is really valuable and almost a necessity when carrying someone like Eaton as a significant part of the roster.

Emilio Bonafacio - 2 yrs/$8 Million - A really great bench piece that could move all over the field in certain situations. Can run, can hit a little bit, would be like Luery Garcia, except one that is good at baseball.

Jason Hammel - 2 yrs/$12 Million - He may get more than this, and I would be willing to throw in another year for $6-8 Million if necessary, but he kind of wet the bed with the A's at the end of the season so he may not have too many offers. His past suggests there's something there though and Coop may have better luck. He would be a great place holder for Rodon as well.

Zach Duke - 2 yrs/$8 Million - Much needed lefty reliever. Andrew Miller is gonna cost way too much in my opinion, this would be a good option without the payroll handcuff

Jason Motte - 1 yr/$500,000 - A little reminiscent of Mitchell Boggs, but Motte was a monster, and if he could be rehabbed could be useful.

Gavin Floyd - 1 yr/$1 Million - what the hell, I like the goofy bastard.


Jose Quintana and Micah Johnson for Bruce Bochy - kidding......maybe

I'm not great in assessing trades, and it takes too much time to look up who needs who and what it would likely take to pry someone loose but some targets I would have in mind:

Jose Lobaton - Perhaps for Chris Bassitt or something? I'm not sure I would give away the upside he has for a backup catcher, but an actual major league player as a backup could be useful.

Carlos Sanchez for some relief pitcher (possibly as part of a package). Not sure who or from where. Tony Watson from Pittsburg perhaps.

Will Middlebrooks for Dayan Viciedo - This may be a bit ridiculous, but the Red Sox may be in the hunt for a DH type to replace Papi soon, and if tank worked out for them it would be a cheap source of power, although from the right side. Middlebrooks has been a failure and rather Beckham-esque, but flashed as a rookie, and could be worth it as a young-ish 3B prospect. Would cause a bit of a log-jam with Davidson, but I'm not sure I like his future anymore than Middlebrooks' potential.


Starting rotation:

Chris Sale, Jose Quintana, Jason Hammel, John Danks, Hector Noesi

Relief pitchers:

right handed: Maikel Cleto, Javy Guerra, Jake Petricka, Andre Rienzo, Daniel Webb

left handed: Eric Surkamp, Zach Duke

C - Tyler Flowers

1B - Jose Abreu

2B - Marcus Semien

3B - Chase Headley

SS - Alexei Ramirez

LF - Nick Markakis

CF - Adam Eaton

RF - Avisail Garcia

Bench: Emilio Bonafacio, Jose Lobaton, Conor Gillespie, Jordan Danks, Trayce Thompson/Luery Garcia

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