ASU's Plan

Write "tender" or "non-tender" after each of the following names:

Explain the toughest calls: I would sign Viciedo with hopes of trading him to the Dodgers or Mariners.

Contract options (pick up or buy out):

Explain if you have to:

Free agents (re-sign or let go?):

Explain if you have to:

Free agents

No. 1. Pablo Sandoval (four years, $76M). Love to see some energy, Home run potential from 3rd base.

No. 2. Asdrubal Cabrera (one year, $4M with incentives). In case my proposed trade with the Dodgers falls through and trade with Yankees goes through.. He can be a fill in until Anderson or Saladino is ready.

No. 3. Melky Cabrera, Nori Aoki, or Nick Markakis (three years, $33M to 50M). Left hand hitting outfielder.

No. 4. Jake Peavy (three years, $57M). He is pitching like the old Jake although it will be hard to pry him from SF.

No. 5 James Shields (five years, $110M). Will need some quality pitching due to my trades..

No. 6. K Rod (three years, $33M). The closer answer. Stay away from the Giants Romo.

No. 7. Neal Cotts (two years, $8M). Lefty out of bullpen.

Propose two (or more) trades that you think sound reasonable for both sides, and the rationale behind them. A good bad example:

No. 1. Acquire Ryu, Either (with Dodgers paying 66% of an 18 million dollar a year bench player), Dee Gordon, Turner plus prospects Seager, Urias, Pederson, and Holmes from Los Angeles for Chris Sale, Marcus Semien, Gillespe and Viciedo. The dodgers are built to win next year could use that third ace, Semien could occupy Gordon's position, Gillespe could platoon with Uribe.,Viciedo may be able to help Puig. The sox could use Gordon at shortstop and bat him leadoff, Either could either be the left hand hitting outfielder or DH plus the sox would get quality prospects. One more thing I fear the endurance of Sale's arm. Either and Ryu could be used near the trade deadline for prospects as I am building my Sox for 2016 and beyond. (note the royals and twins each have 7 of the majors top 100 Prospects.). Also Either and the sox hitting coach have the ASU connection.

No. 2. Acquire Brock Holt, Henry Owens, Blake Swihart, Carin Cechini, and Anthony Ranauto from Boston for Jose Quintana. The red sox need quality pitching next year, and a team friendly contract will enable them to go out and get more pitching. The sox could use all of these prospects especially Owens, Holt and Swihart for my 2016 sox. (note the royals and twins each have 7 of the majors top 100 Prospects.)

No. 3. Acquire Louis Severino, Gary Sanchez and three top international prospects from the Yankees for Alexei Ramieriz and the Danks brothers. The Yankees need a shortstop (and since we have Gordon or Cabrera) Yankees also need a good pitcher Danks should do good in Yankee stadium with its huge left field. While the white sox will get quality prospects and 25 million dollars extra to spend for each of the next two years.

This is how the Royals and A's were built until the A-s started trading prospects for star players.

Starting Pitching

Montas 1 million, Shields 22 million, Ryu 5 million, Noesi 2 million, Bassit / Rodon 1 million equals

31 million

Relief Pitching

K rod 11 million, Cotts 4 million, Cleito or Surkamp1 million, Petricka 1 million, Putnam 1million, Webb 1million, Guerra 2 million

21 million


1. Gordon SS less than million

2. Eaton CF about a million

3. Abreau 1B about 9 million

4. Sandoval 3rd 19 million

5. Garcia LF about 1 million

6. Markakis RF about 15 million

7. Either DH about 6 million rest paid by Dodgers

8. Flowers C about 2 million

9. Johnson 2nd` less than a million

55 Million


Turner million, Cabrera 5 million, Sanchez million, and Phegly million

8 million

Total 115 million and loaded for the future.

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