smclean09's Offseason Plan

[smclean09]'s Offseason Plan

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

This is my first take at a Fanpost. I remember doing a similar exercise in middle school, writing down the acquisitions I wanted into my notebooks and predicting the batting order and their season stat lines. I do remember one time in particular where I penciled in A.J. as the everyday catcher when he was cut by the Giants heading into a 2005 campaign (not foreshadowing who I signed for the backup C). In the end, this did take more time to throw together in the more structured format outside of my college ruled binder, but it was a blast and want to hear what everybody thinks.

Write "tender" or "non-tender" after each of the following names:

· Ronald Belisario, $3.9M Non tender.

· Tyler Flowers, $2.1M Tender

· Dayan Viciedo, $4.4M Non tender

· Hector Noesi, $1.9M Tender

· Nate Jones, $600,000. Tender

· Javy Guerra $1.3M (if he is a Super Two) Tender

Explain the toughest calls:

Belisario seemed to be a product of some (mostly) bad luck, but I wouldn’t gamble 4 million on it. I would also say tender Tank if there was a trade to be had from a team like Seattle, but I didn’t have any ideas off the top of my head so he can become a free agent and play the field (probably better than he ever has in left)

Contract options (pick up or buy out):

· Felipe Paulino: $4M for 2015 or $250,000 buyout

· buyout

Explain if you have to: I don’t

Free agents (re-sign or let go?):

· Matt Lindstrom: $4M salary in 2014

· NO

Explain if you have to: Maybe on an incentive resign after the let go?

Free agents

Peruse the list of potential free agents and name two (or more) you would pursue, themax offer you would extend to them, and a brief explainer. A good bad example:

I will admit that I lack confidence in guessing what contracts could eventually lure each free agent to the South Side, so I will steal some others projections. Note that none of my free agent ideas are new, but just what I think would be a smart direction.

1) Sign 2nd tier left handed reliever (Zach Duke 2 year deal for 5 mil annual)

I don’t like committing the kind of money to a reliever that would be needed to bring in Miller, so I would look at Duke, Morales, Cotts, or Coke.

2) Sign Luke Gregerson for 3 years 20 million (estimate by MLBRumors)

Once again, the plan is to avoid paying an amount to a reliever that the sox will later regret. He has been consistent, is from Chicago and isn’t going to be paid for saves. Hesitation being his home/road splits (2.02/3.60 career)

3) A Third Baseman (Hanley Ramirez 4 years and 60 million enough?)

I think Hanley might be the best free agent option at any position if he would agree to play third and promise to stay healthy for the whole season. Obviously the other highly attractive options at third are Headly and Sandoval, who will both see a inflation in contract since Sandoval has been building his case throughout the playoffs and Headly does not cost a pick. I would be fine keeping Connor to DH against RH’ers and spot starts at 1B and third.

4) Left Fielder (Nick Markakis 3 years 13 mil annual or 4 years 12)

Left Handed bat that doesn’t kill you defensively and gets on base, I think Sox fans deserve that. Makes too much sense. Other option is the Melkman.

5) Back up catcher (Jeff Mathis 1 year 2 mil per)

As seen in larry’s post, I want experience backing up Flowers but don’t want to pay a lot for it.

If I was to have a 6th, it would be a buy low starter to work on; Paulinoish, but it would turn out a lot better this time.

No. 1.


1) Trade Rangel Ravelo and Chris Beck for Cardinal’s Carlos Martinez

First, I am from the St. Louis area and despise "Cardinal Nation" but their depth at starter could create a logjam. Between Wainwright, Wacha, Lackey for nothing, Garcia, Lynn, Miller, Martinez, and the emergence of prospect Marco Gonzales, the Cards can likely be swayed to trade one of Miller, Martinez or Lynn at the right price. I think both of these Sox prospects may have traits that other franchises may value more than the Sox and most evaluators do (the Cards have shown interest in first baseman with hit tools but don’t tap into the power you would expect with their sizes: Adams, Craig). Maybe this works best if there was a third team included that took the prospects and sent the Cardinals a proven player since they are in a win now state.

2) I would stay pat from here if it was up to me, but you said make two or more trades and I’m not one to go around breaking rules.

Trade Avisail Garcia, Frank Montas, and Adam Engel for Carlos Gonzalez

I’d prefer to, instead of picking up salary and trading Avi, to trade Danks and drop salary with my second trade but other teams would have to take Danks, which could be an obstacle. This is another health question mark and fans would have realize he won’t be Coors field Cargo, but he is one of the best corner outfielders in baseball.


I like how the team turned out, even though I would have preferred not to trade as much of the minor league system that has finally been replenished. Good luck Hahn, balls in your court.

Overall Salary- 105.2 million if I counted right and before taking in Keppinger’s money that I’m assuming he still wants.


SP1- Sale

SP2- Quintana

SP3- Martinez

SP4- Danks

SP5- Noesi (eventually Rodon with Noesi sliding to long man/spot starter)


RHR- Putman


RHR-Webb (I don’t understand why people have not wanted to give him a second year to try and find the zone with his stuff)


LHR- Duke

LHR- Surkamp


C- Flowers

1B- Abreu

2B- Semien (against righties/ Sanchez vs. lefties)

SS- A. Ramirez

3B- H. Ramirez

LF- Markakis

CF- Eaton

RF- Gonzalez

DH- Gillaspie (against righties/ Semien against lefties)

BN- Mathis

BN- Sanchez

BN- Sierra

BN- Leury Garcia (I’m Sorry)

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