illinifey's Offseason Plan

illinifey's Offseason Plan

Arbitration-eligible (with projected salaries from MLBTR):

Write "tender" or "non-tender" after each of the following names:

I understand Belisario's numbers this past season may not be indicative of his true potential, but it's the $3.9M number that bothers me more and feel it could be better allocated elsewhere. Flowers at $2.1M is easy because of the lack of availability at the position on the open market and that number doesn't preclude the team from looking for a better alternative. I know some have proposed trading Viciedo, but w/his value as low as it is (despite the scarcity of power bats from the right side), I would just rather be done with him. Noesi at $1.9M provides a good #5/long relief option and Nate Jones at just $600K has too much talent despite the injuries to pass up offering him. I liked what I saw from Javy Guerra and would bring him back at $1.3M.

Contract options (pick up or buy out):

BUYOUT Free agents (re-sign or let go?):

Let go. I'd rather take a chance on some of the younger arms at a lower cost.

Free agents

Let me start this by saying there are a some guys I just don't see switching teams:

- Victor Martinez/DH/Tigers

- Pablo Sandoval/3B/Giants

- David Robertson/RP/Yankees

- Billy Butler/DH/Royals

There are also guys that I see being a potential fit, but aren't necessarily in this plan or may prove too expensive:

- Max Scherzer/SP/Tigers

- James Shields/SP/Royals

- Russell Martin/C/Dodgers

- Melky Cabrera/OF/Blue Jays

With that being said, here's what ideally Rick Hahn would do on the free agent market.

#1 - 3B Chase Headley (4 years, $48M)

#2 - OF/DH Nick Markakis (4 years, $48M)

With the White Sox needing left-handed bats in the lineup, both Headley and Markakis would be ideal additions. Although they may not have the power desired, both of them are high OBP players whose power should translate better to the hitter friendly Cell. Headley's defense would be a huge improvement over Gillaspie and Markakis would be able to transition between OF and DH giving guys a night off from the field when needed.

#3 - LRP Zach Duke (2 years, $9M)

#4 - LRP Andrew Miller (3 years, $27M)

Typically, I'm against throwing big money at the bullpen, especially for closers. But the flexibility the Sox have this offseason and the fact that with an average bullpen, they would have been at least 5 wins better last season, I'm willing to risk investing in two fairly expensive arms.

Duke had a surprising year for the Nats after years of starting. In a pinch, he could be used in that role of need be, (My plan right now depends on Rodon making the rotation and Noesi being moved to the long man, but there could be a situation where Noesi is in the rotation with Duke as the long man), making a $4.5M year offer more palatable to me.

Miller is the hot commodity right now after his late season/postseason with the Orioles. With his pedigree (former 1st round pick) and skills, I'd love to see what Coop could do with him (even more than the success he had this season). He could move into the closers role if Webb or Petricka is unable to perform or simply be a shutdown late inning guy.

#5 - SP Brandon McCarthy (3 years, $33M)

He's got a familiarity with the organization and in spite of his past injuries, was able to be an integral part of the Yankees rotation down the stretch as they fought for a wild card spot.


#1 - C Jason Castro from HOU for SP Andre Rienzo and IF Carlos Sanchez

- With so little being available on the open market, a trade was the best way to get a starting caliber catcher, aside from throwing way too much at Russell Martin. Castro had a down year which may bring his value down but he still was able to contribute 1.7 WAR to the Astros. Rienzo gives them a cost controlled arm and Sanchez gives them a potential SS.

#2 - SP Yovani Gallardo and OF Gerardo Parra for SP John Danks, 3B Matt Davidson and OF Jordan Danks

- Gallardo has an option that will most likely be picked by the Brewers, but with their entire rotation and potential rotation members (Garza, Lohse, Fiers, Peralta, Nelson, Hellweg) being right handed, obtaining a lefty should be a high priority. Danks is signed through 2016 which avoids the small-market Brewers having to obtain a starting pitchen when Gallardo hits free agency after 2015. The White Sox have the opposite problem with too many lefties, a problem Gallardo would help correct. Parra struggled last season, but has been a high OBP OF with a great glove (2-time Gold Glove winner) that would be a night and day improvement over Viciedo in left.

The acquisition of Headley means Davidson is blocked freeing him up for a deal. And the inclusion of Jordan Danks here is strictly a coincidence with his brother. He would give the Brewers an OF to replace Parra, although not of the same quality.

I thought about other potential trade targets like Jason Heyward from the Braves or Pedro Alvarez from the Pirates or even the possibility of dealing away Alexei Ramirez, but felt these two deals would make the most sense for the White Sox going forward.

The 25-Man Roster

It's quite the spending spree in free agency, but with Dunn, Konerko, DeAza, Beckham, Lindstrom, Viciedo and the trade of Danks freeing up some cap room, you have to take advantage of it, especially with the potential to turn things around relatively quickly given the Tigers aging and holes, the Royals potential regression (and holes in the rotation if they don't sign Shields), the Indians holes up and down their roster and the Twins....well. Not too worried about them either. Have to strike while their iron is hot and take advantage of our youthful corps (Sale, Garcia, Eaton, Quintana, Abreu) while they are still in their prime and under team control. With other salary obligations from buyouts, etc this plan puts the White Sox right up against the $110 M threshold.

Pos Player $ (in Mil) Age
Starters CF Adam Eaton 0.52 26
DH Nick Markakis 12.00 31
3B Chase Headley 13.00 31
1B Jose Abreu 8.67 28
RF Avisail Garcia 0.52 24
SS Alexei Ramirez 10.00 33
C Jason Castro 4.00 28
LF Gerardo Parra 4.50 28
2B Micah Johnson 0.52 24
Bench C Tyler Flowers 2.10 29
OF Moises Sierra 0.52 26
UT Marcus Semien 0.52 24
CI Conor Gillaspie 0.52 27
Rotation #1 Chris Sale 6.00 26
#2 Yovani Gallardo 11.00 29
#3 Jose Quintana 1.00 26
#4 Brandon McCarthy 11.00
#5 Carlos Rodon 0.52


Bullpen CL Jake Petricka 0.52 27
LSU Andrew Miller 8.00 29
RSU Daniel Webb 0.52 25
RP Zach Putman 0.52 27
RP Javy Guerra 1.30 29
RP Zach Duke 4.50 31
LR Hector Noesi 1.90 28
TOT Salary/AVG Age 104.17 27.42

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