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So I wasn't even going to do one of these until tonight when my dad dropped Prince Fielders name during the World Series. This got me exciting thinking about a healthy Fielder and Abreu back to back. Of course after coming to my senses and then losing them again laughing hysterically at his contract on Cots Contracts (followed by more once I saw Shin-Soo Choos), I was spellbound nonetheless to try.


· Ronald Belisario, $3.9M- Non-tender. I don't think he turns around. If he does, he can do it for less than 4M.

· Tyler Flowers, $2.1M- Tender

· Dayan Viciedo, $4.4M- Non-tender. Or trade him for a nobody. Don't care.

· Hector Noesi, $1.9M- Tender

· Nate Jones, $600,000- Tender

· Javy Guerra $1.3M (if he is a Super Two)- Non-tender. We can get more for less.

Contract options

· Felipe Paulino: $250,000 buyout. It was stupid from the beginning.

Free agents

· Matt Lindstrom: Too bad he couldn't be healthy. Adios.

Free agents

Sign Kendry Morales for 1 year 2M and a second year team option. Hes struggled since his bad injury but a switch hitting bat with power potential is a risk I'm willing to take for DH, and he can be platooned or replaced by Gillaspie or Semien if needed. The additional Cuban face would be nice for fellow Cuban teammates as well.

Sign John Buck at 1 year 1M for back-up to Tyler Flowers. He'll prevent a precipitous drop-off if Flowers gets hurt and give him a break.

Sign Jason Motte for 2 years 14M and 3rd year vesting option (top right-hander for bullpen)

Sign Zach Duke for 2 years 6M (strong left-hander for bullpen)

Sign Josh Johnson for 2 years 10M. Always liked him, great Coop reclamation project imo.


Send Frank Montas, Carlos Sanchez, and Courtney Hawkins to Texas for Adrian Beltre.

When looking at Prince Fielder, the very next name on Cots Contracts was Adrian Beltre. Dude is 35 years old, is owed 18M next year and has a 16M vesting option for the year after that vests if he has either 1,200 plate appearances in 14-15 combined or 600 in 2015.

Beltre has a 139 ops+ average over the last 5 seasons and a gold glove track record. Texas should be looking to rebuild and save some money. This is a great way to add an excellent bat to the lineup and solidifies 3B for the next two years without overpaying for more years. All three prospects have pedigree but all have question marks as well, so I won't be torn over seeing them go. If it takes more, I'm willing to upgrade from Sanchez to Micah Johnson.

Send Connor Gillaspie, Tyler Danish and Trayce Thompson to Miami for Christian Yelich.

Yelich is a 22 year old with a breakout year last year and would fit perfectly as a lefty bat and left fielder with good OBP. I worry if perhaps the above is not enough to snag him away from Miami but I do think he can be had for the right price. I'm certain all Miami cares about is selling tickets and Giancarlo Stanton is the star about to rake in big bucks there right now. I would be willing to upgrade this trade as well to include any prospect but Tim Anderson and Rodon if thats what it took.






A. Garcia


A. Ramierez

M. Johnson/Semien






J. Johnson


(Noesi at 6th)


This has the payroll at 100ishM off the top of my head but I could be wrong and I'm not sure how much the bench/extra bullpen will add. I believe the Sox will get priced out of every single big name in FA except maybe the bullpen, and probably for the best as well, as I feel that FA costs can spiral out of control very easily. Thus, I surprised myself with how willingly I gutted the farm for some good current pieces.

Backup plans: Sign Rasmus if Yelich doesn't work out. Dump 20M total into bullpen if either of those names don't work. Don't really care about the names as long as they perform.

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