Baseballnut23's Off-Season Plan

Baseballnut23’s Offseason Plan

I’m going for it!!!

Arbitration Decisions

· Ronald Belisario, $3.9M - non-tender

· Tyler Flowers, $2.1M - tender

· Dayan Viciedo, $4.4M - tender

· Hector Noesi, $1.9M - tender

· Nate Jones, $600,000 – NON tender (I don’t trust that he will ever be what the Sox thought he’d be)

· Javy Guerra $1.3M - tender

Contract Options

· Felipe Paulino,- buyout

Pending Free Agents

· -Matt Lindstrom (Keep). Somebody has to have a bounce back year 1 yr/2.5 million

Free Agents

· No. 1: Pablo Sandoval (3B) 4 yr, 48 mil

· No. 2: Kendrys Morales (1b/DH) 2 yr, 14 million

· No. 3: Edison Volquez (RHP) 3 yr, 24 million

· No. 4: Andrew Miller (LHP) 4 year, 48 million

· No. 5: Josh Fields (RHP) 3 year, 30 million

· No. 6: Stephen Drew (SS/2B) 1 yr, 5 million


Matt Kemp for Dayan Viciedo, Conor Gillaspie and John Danks

The Sox acquire a legit 5 tool player with something to prove and the Dodgers receive a solid #5, .500 pitcher, a nice contact hitter off the bench, and a young power hitter off the bench who doesn’t threaten some of the fragile egos in the current outfield mix.


1. Adam Eaton-LF

2. Pablo Sandoval-3B

3. Jose Abreu-1B

4. Matt Kemp-CF

5. Avisail Garcia-RF

6. Kendrys Morales-DH

7. Alexei Ramirez-SS

8. Tyler Flowers-C

9. Carlos Sanchez-2B

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