ChiSox1023's Offseason Plan

Arbitration Eligible:

Contract Options:

Free Agent Signings:

  • Adam Laroche - 2 year, 24 Million with Club Option at 13M for year 3.
  • Cuban Defector Jose Fernandez - 5 years 30 Million. Kind of a risk here but has shown plate discipline and consistent contact ability. Regarded as an all around player and big league ready. This is assuming he is able to defect and be declared a free because right now no one knows where he is. Plus having Hawk talking about the "Cuban Connection" up the middle with Alexei would be too good.
  • Zach Duke - 2 years, 12 Million.
  • Brandon McCarthy - 3 years, 36 Million.
  • Jared Burton - 2 years, 5 Million.
  • Nyjer Morgan - 1 year, 1.5 Million.


C -Tyler Flowers 1B - Jose Abreu 2B - Jose Fernandez 3B - Conor Gillaspie/Marcus Semien Plattoon SS - Alexei Ramirez LF - Starling Marte CF - Adam Eaton RF - Avisail Garcia DH - Adam LaRoche
Bench - Leury Garcia, Semien/Gillasipe, Nieto, Nyjer Morgan
Rotation - Sale, Quintana, McCarthy, Rodon, Noesi
Bullpen - Putnam, Duke, Burton, Petricka, Webb, Bassitt, Rienzo

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