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SB Nation MLB Awards 2014: White Sox winners

This year, South Side Sox voters were all about the kids

David Banks/Getty Images

Thanks to everybody who suggested, lobbied, voted and argued about the White Sox's nominations for the SB Nation MLB Awards.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, the winners are:

Funniest Moment: Moises Sierra and Conor Gillaspie meet halfway

  1. Moises Sierra and Conor Gillaspie meet halfway: 44%
  2. Adam Dunn's pitching appearance: 25%
  3. Pissed Sale murders somebody or something: 19%
  4. Robin Ventura kicks dirt: 8%
  5. Adam Dunn's center field appearance: 3%

Too bad I couldn't have announced the winners on Nov. 13, since that's Odd Couple Day. When the most GIFable White Sox in recent history met the dourest, sparks flew. Sadly, since the Royals claimed Sierra from the White Sox, this is the last moment we have to remember them by.




Most Regrettable Moment: Avisail Garcia's labrum-tearing dive

  1. Avisail Garcia's labrum-tearing dive: 49%
  2. Chris Sale's binoculars: 19%
  3. Chris Sale's 127-pitch outing: 17%
  4. Adam Eaton's high-speed crash: 9%
  5. Steve Stone's delayed home run call: 7%

I thought Chris Sale's paranoia would win this one by a narrow margin, especially since it's not particularly sympathetic to call injuries "regrettable." In this case, though, Garcia's violent diving technique raised concerns the day before, so there's an element of foresight most injuries lack.

Best Defensive Play: Fan catches bat so baby doesn't

  1. Fan catches bat so baby doesn't: 35%
  2. Adam Eaton robs David Ortiz at U.S. Cellular Field: 17%
  3. Gordon Beckham's clutch 4-6-3: 16%
    Carlos Sanchez's barehanded turn: 16%
    Adam Eaton robs David Ortiz at Fenway Park: 16%

Entering the Republican National Convention in 1860, Abraham Lincoln knew he wasn't going to win the nomination by sheer popularity, so he devised a strategy to become everybody's second option. That proved to be wise decision, because the other candidates, though greater in prominence, had fractured the party to the extent that Lincoln took the nomination by being the candidate that the fewest people ardently opposed.

Most Important Hit: Jose Abreu's walk-off grand slam

  1. Jose Abreu's walk-off grand slam: 81%
  2. Tyler Flowers' extra-inning walk-off: 11%
  3. Jose Abreu's first homer: 3%
  4. Paul Konerko's game-tying single: 3%
  5. Avisail Garcia's mammonth blast: 2%

The winner of this category just had so many things going for it; the combination of a walk-off (1) grand slam (2) by a popular player (3) off an unpopular player (4) who had shot his mouth off the at-bat before (5) and ended up cursing at himself in the dugout (6) made for a perfect watershed moment (7).

Best Pitching Appearance: Chris Sale's 100-pitch complete game

  1. Chris Sale's 100-pitch complete game: 32%
  2. Scott Carroll's debut: 25%
  3. Chris Sale wins a 1-0 game: 24%
  4. Chris Sale dominates the Giants: 14%
  5. Jose Quintana strikes out 13: 5%

Dominance prevails over sentimentality, as Sale's ultra-efficient two-hitter held off a heart-warming first start (and first victory) by a minor-league journeyman.

Team of the Year: Jackie Robinson West

  1. Jackie Robinson West: 67%
  2. Kansas City Royals: 19%
  3. San Francisco Giants: 11%
  4. Baltimore Orioles: 3%

Chicago carries Chicago.