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Introducing the SB Nation MLB Awards 2014

Vote for the funniest, ugliest and most beautiful performances by the White Sox this past season

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

With Jose Abreu picking up another rookie honor today, and Adam Eaton and Alexei Ramirez due to find out their Gold Glove fates Tuesday night, we're thick in the middle of awards month.

SB Nation is no different, but instead of fighting the BBWAA's wars -- the definition of "valuable," pitchers vs. position players, etc. -- we're going to pick our own dumb battles across a number of categories.

  • Funniest moment
  • Most regrettable moment
  • Defensive play
  • Most important hit
  • Pitching appearance
  • Team of the year (can't pick your own)

We'll round up candidates for each category and vote on each over the next two weeks. When we have six White Sox winners, we'll send them to SB Nation's MLB hub, where a less-partial-than-we-are panel will decide the four or five best nominations for the final vote.

Before we vote, I'd like to use this post to make sure I/we leave no stone unturned for potential winners, in order to present the strongest field possible. Throw in your ideas in the comments below, and in the designated areas to make it easier to keep track.