dhunoway's offseason plan

To tender or not to Tender:

Ronald Belisario- Non-tender

Tyler Flowers- Tender

Dayan Viciedo- tender

Hector Noesi- Tender

Nate Jones- Tender

Javy Guerra- Tender

There was too much pain in watching Belisario pitch to keep him on the roster, far too inconsistent and far too erratic to deserve a major league contract. Flowers improved as the season went on and especially after his improved eyesight, he deserves another year/crack at it. Viciedo has me tempted to non-tender but I keep him due to trade possibilities or possible fallback DH spot. Noesi is an easy tender, and Jones is cheap enough where we need to keep his potential. Guerra pitched well enough out of the pen to earn another go around.


Felipe Paulino- buyout. Hope no-one is against that…..

Free Agents:

Matt Lindstrom- Try to resign

Free Agent signings:

Melky Cabrera 4 years 56 mil 14/year Biogenesis links or not the dude can hit, get on base, and not strike out which us whitesox fans are not used to. Great switch hitting option to put in the 2 hole and left field while we would be receiving his prime 30-34 seasons.

Alberto Callaspo: 2 year 10 mil 5/year: Super utility type that plays all over and does it pretty well. Also gets on base at a reasonable clip. Cheap switch hitter who shows more value in his versatility while paving the way for youngsters

Chris Young 1 year 3 mil: Always liked him while a prospect with the Sox before he was traded for Javy Vasquez. Would serve as a great bench option and fallback option to the Melky signing. Has upside and can be a good bounce-back guy

Jason Kubel 2 year 4 mil 2mil/year: Lefty Piranha off the bench

Jason Grilli 1 year 2 mil: Sucked last year and could use some "coop magic"

Neal Cotts 2 year 4 mil: 2 mil/year: Zero left handed options gave us a big void in the pen, Cotts had a great year last year, time to bring him back home.

Joe Biemel 1 year 2.6 mil: Had a great year and need an established vet to lead the pen. Besides we need another guy with a number in the 90’s

Matt Lindstrom: 1 year 1 mil: Had a rough year, and is ending the line of his career, would like to see him stick around for another year in less of a pressure role

Jesse Crain 1 year 2 mil: I doubt he would sign with us after we ruined his season when he was in line for a big pay day but maybe he has a love affair with coop and wants to get back on track


Whitesox trade Dayan Viciedo and Micah Johnson for Evan Gattis.

Braves are in a bind because they really don’t have a spot for gattis to play due to his defense. Fortunately for the White sox we have a DH and a back-up catching spot for him to play. 2 birds, one stone! Sucks giving up Johnson because I am really intrigued on what he can bring to the table, however have to give something to get something. Viciedo needs a change of scenery and likely a change of leagues, this will give the Bravos a replacement in power and a (slight) upgrade in overall D.

Connor Gillespie traded for prospects to unnamed team.

I like Gillespie however I think we should sell high on him, he isn’t the long term answer yet turned in a nice season. This should garner some attention and someone looking to play the splits game will take him on in turn for a decent prospect.

Starting Batting Order:

CF Adam Eaton L (500K)

LF Melky Cabrera S (14mil)

1B Jose Abreu R (8.66mil)

DH Evan Gattis R (1mil)

3B Alberto Callaspo S (5mil)

RF Avisail Garcia R (500k)

SS Alexei Ramirez R (10mil)

C Tyler Flowers R (2.1mil)

2B Marcus Semien R (500k)

Still righty heavy particularly toward the bottom of the order however the switch hitters will reek havoc on opposing managers late in games which I love

Starting Pitchers

SP Chris Sale L (6mil)

SP Jose Quintana L (3.4mil)

SP Hector Noesi R (600k)

SP John Danks L (15.75mil)

SP Carlos Rodon L (500k)

Very lefty heavy but hey that’s why we have all those RHP in the pen for right?


CL Jason Grilli (2mil)

LHP Joe Beimel (2.6mil)

RHP Jesse Crain (2mil)

RHP Jake Petricka (500k)

LHP Neil Cotts (2mil)

RHP Javy Guerra (1.3mil)

RHP Zach Putnam (500k)


BN Carlos Sanchez S (500K)

BN Leury Garcia S (500k)

BN Jason Kubel L (2mil)

BN Chris Young R (3mil)

Hitting and the bullpen was the demise of 2014, with this layout we solve both issues and both relatively cheaply. There are not a ton of really sexy names out there this year, and the ones that are out there will cost so much that it won’t even be worth it in the end (see Lester, Jon or Sherzer, Max). I truly believe that this team is not far off and with the additions of Gattis and Cabrera it takes this team from mediocre to at minimum contender for the AL central. Cabrera and Gattis stretch the line-up much more than before. Established veterans in the pen give lesser situations to youngsters. The overall payroll as it stands is around 86 million. This was surprising to me even. This gives rick an opportunity to buy at the trade deadline yet still stay competitive financially. These extra resources could I suppose add an additional righty starter, bench bat, or bullpen arm, yet I feel comfortable going in that this would be adequate and we could buy as we need to as the year goes on.

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