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SB Nation MLB Awards 2014: The funniest White Sox moments of the year

The list includes out-of-position Donkeys, out-of-character explosions and in-character interactions

Gordon Beckham and Paul Konerko found Adam Dunn's pitching appearance laughable.
Gordon Beckham and Paul Konerko found Adam Dunn's pitching appearance laughable.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Below are the five wacky moments from the 2014 White Sox season. Check them out. Consider them carefully, then vote in the poll that comes after. The winner will then be eligible for consideration in the SB Nation MLB Awards.

If you missed the post about the SB Nation MLB Awards, you can still offer suggestions for the five remaining categories.

Robin Ventura kicks dirt

After being on the wrong end of Rule 7.13 -- a call that inspired a change in its application -- Ventura made his disgust known. I don't think Ventura has ever been described as "petulant" before, but it's what the situation deserved. If emotional range were defensive range, it'd be like Conor Gillaspie pulling a Manny Machado play out of his butt.

Pissed Sale murders something or somebody

I missed this GIF, because I was sitting stunned in the stands at The Big A, wondering when I'd actually see a good Chris Sale start in person (13 runs over 15⅔ innings so far!). Anyway, Sale wasn't happy after giving up a game-tying grand slam to Mike Trout, and the cinematography is incredible.

Adam Dunn's pitching appearance

Leury Garcia also pitched, but that was because Ventura blew through the bullpen, and Garcia ended up getting tacked with the loss in his second inning of work. That's not nearly as funny as Dunn pitching the ninth inning of a 15-0 game, because that leads to strange visuals like:



Adam Dunn's center field appearance

"Don't worry about the fence. That lock hasn't worked for years. Am I worried about Zeke getting loose? Not really. Ol' Zeke ain't much for running these days, and he knows there's nothing out there for him. Hold on, I'm going to take a look outside. Sounded like a car hit something."

Moises Sierra and Conor Gillaspie meet halfway

If this is the last we've seen of Sierra and Gillaspie, it's not a bad way for it to end. Gillaspie didn't particularly appreciate Sierra's first two attempts at connecting ...



Give Sierra credit for trying a different approach, and give Gillaspie credit for humoring him.


This is a movie that deserves a sequel, but maybe this detente is where it should end. That's for fans to decide, and if they don't get what they want, there's probably enough history to start a robust fanfic universe.

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